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Poetry has been an important part of various cultures over the centuries. It is often a highly celebrated art, so there is no wonder that many cultures and societies dedicate days to their most prized poets and writers.

Some of those poets are so important that their days have spread and become global celebrations. One of these examples is the very popular Rumi Day, which celebrates the life and works of the Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, or Rumi as he is more commonly known.

History of Rumi Day

Rumi was born in 1207 although it is unclear of the exact location. Some scholars argue that he was born in Balkh, which would be modern-day Afghanistan, while some disagree and say that he was born in Wakhsh, now in modern-day Tajikistan. In his early life, Rumi was an Islamic Jurist before finally turning to poetry at the age of 37.

Even though he came to writing at a later stage in his life than most poets, that certainly didn’t hold him back. The majority of his works were written in Persian but were able to cross across borders and were appreciated by many different nationalities and ethnicities. He managed to build up a sizeable audience across Iran, Persia, Turkey, and Greece, for instance. 

Even though Rumi died in 1273, his legacy has been extremely impressive ever since. His poems have been translated into numerous language and he still has a very strong English-language following to this day. You might be surprised to learn that he is the best-selling poet in the USA, even in this modern day and age!

How To Celebrate Rumi Day

Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate Rumi Day is to enjoy some of his enduring poetry. You will be able to find books of his poetry in plenty of bookshops. If you take a look online, you might even be able to find some free poetry available to you won’t even have to spend a penny!

Not sure which poems to read? No problem! One of our favorites is Only Breath. This is possibly one of his most popular poems and many people like the way that it speaks directly to them.

Lots of people find that, even though they may not have the same principles and beliefs as Rumi, they can still relate to this incredible verse. The poem is all about as we living in one global community, no matter where we come from or what we believe in. So, it’s always important to try to work together. It’s certainly very wise, especially for our modern times!

Another great way to celebrate Rumi Day is to host a reading of his poems. You will be able to bring together some of your friends so that you can appreciate and enjoy this enduring poet’s work together.

Even if you had never heard of Rumi before, celebrating this day could open up his works to you. You never know, he may quickly become one of your new favorite poets!

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