There’s a rich and delicious food that’s made from that most healthful of grains, Oats. It’s warm and filling thick and toothsome, and is the foundation of breakfast for people all over the world. But where did Porridge originally come from?

Well, World Porridge Day celebrates the history and origins of this rich and delicious breakfast, and all of the health benefits they bring to those who indulge in them. Come with us as we explore the origins of this dish, and how it’s gone out to change the world and bring health and flavor to people everywhere.

History of World Porridge Day

Porridge, it so happens, is the traditional national dish of Scotland, and has been keeping the people of this country healthy for hundreds of years. Every year in the Scottish Highland Village of Carrbridge a competition is held, the World Porridge Making Championship, to determine the porridge champion who best exemplifies the flavor and experience of this food. But the Scots have always been known for having a progressive world view and to care deeply about people everywhere, and as such Carrbridge has come together with Mary’s Meals ( to help provide rich nourishing porridge to children all over the world.

Mary’s Meals works to spread food to children all over the world, and work in far flung places like Malawi to help keep children fed throughout the school year. 500,000 children in 16 of the world’s poorest countries benefit from their efforts, the meal encouraging children to go to school and build their education so they can lead themselves, their communities, and their countries out of poverty.

Malawi, Haiti, Romania, Kenya, the Philippines, Bosnia, India, Liberia, Thailand, and Ecuador are just some of the places that Mary’s Meals works to make World Porridge Day make a difference.

How to celebrate World Porridge Day

First, start your day off with a big bowl of porridge to make sure you get the best beginning you can hope for. Then start considering how you can make a morning like that a reality for people everywhere. You can work together with Mary’s Meals to create celebrations and fund-raisers to help feed these children all over the world. There are often local areas you can volunteer to work in as well, places like soup kitchens and homeless shelters where food is being made for the less fortunate. You can even make porridge based cookies and flapjacks to really bring the humble oat to the table.

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