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Almost everyone who has played in a band knows that the drummer offers the heartbeat that keeps the whole band going with the right timing! So even if they don’t always get the accolades they deserve, National Hug a Drummer Day is the perfect time to change that.

History of National Hug a Drummer Day

National Hug a Drummer Day is celebrated all around the world in order to pay tribute to and show appreciation for the drummers in bands. Because drummers sit at the very back of the stage during performances, it is often felt that they do not receive the recognition that they deserve and that they are unable to take their place in the spotlight with the rest of the band when they are on stage.

Getting its start in 1984, National Hug a Drummer Day was the idea of a group of percussionists and drummers who were interested in celebrating their specific contribution to music. Now, the day has grown to include a large number of big drum manufacturers and percussionists who have become involved in recent years and the popularity of this annual event is rapidly increasing.

On National Hug a Drummer day, a number of special concerts may be held around the world. For once, it is the drummer’s turn to shine as they take center stage. And of course, on this day the drummers will receive plenty of hugs and other tokens of appreciation from their fans.

How to Celebrate National Hug a Drummer Day

So many fun ways can be explored to celebrate National Hug a Drummer Day, including some of these ideas:

Hug a Drummer

Obviously, the most important task for National Hug a Drummer Day is to sidle up to a family member, friend or neighbor who is a drummer and sneak attack them with a hug! While this approach to celebrating the day can also be attempted with random strangers who are drummers, it may not always be quite as well appreciated. But for those who have a drummer in their life? It’s definitely the right time to make sure they receive a big ole hug!

Watch a Movie About Drummers

Get inspired by folks who have had their stories told (true or fictional) on film. Grab some friends who are drummers and settle in to watch one of these movies that depicts the life, times and stories of different drummers:

  • Drumline (2002). Based on a true story, this movie was inspired by the drummers from the Southwest DeKalb High School Drumline from Decatur, Georgia. Starring Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana and Orlando Jones,
  • Whiplash (2014). One of the most recently released films about drummers, this Oscar winner stars Miles Teller as a wanna-be jazz legend and his difficult instructor, played by J.K. Simmons.
  • Sound of Noise (2012). This quirky but delightful Swedish comedy crime film features a group of drummers who illegally use everyday objects in public places to make music.
  • The Gene Krupa Story (1959). More than 50 years old, this movie tells the biographical story of Gene Krupa who was a famous jazz drummer who didn’t thrive in the spotlight and ended up as a penniless addict. Krupa, himself, plays the drums on the film soundtrack.

Show Some Appreciation to a Drummer

Whether a professional drummer who tours with a band, an amateur who picks up side gigs, or a middle schooler who is just learning, every drummer deserves some special attention on National Hug a Drummer Day. Send them a card, buy them a gift, get them a voucher for their favorite music store or perform some other action that lets them know just how much they are appreciated. Even better, show them some support by attending their next gig, whether it’s a band concert at school or a sketchy open mic night where they play the cajon.

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