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Show some love and appreciation for those who bring words of teaching, training, growth, and encouragement through seminars, conferences, corporate events and more by getting involved with Professional Speakers Celebration Day! 

History of Professional Speakers Celebration Day

With the purpose of recognizing and acknowledging the work of speakers around the world, Professional Speakers Celebration Day was founded in 2023 by the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), which represents more than a dozen different organizations throughout twenty different countries all over the planet.

The date for Professional Speakers Celebration Day has been designated as March 14, due to its association with National Pi Day. This connection comes from the fact that one of the leaders of the National Speakers Association has the motto: “Don’t worry about how we divide up the pie. There’s enough for everyone – let’s just make a bigger pie.”  

With that in mind, Professional Speakers Celebration Day was established to honor and support those who make their living as public speakers, while also working to grow and advance this profession.

How to Observe Professional Speakers Celebration Day

Get connected and involved with this unique job by observing Professional Speakers Celebration Day with some of these ideas:

Thank a Professional Speaker

Know someone who makes their living as a speaker, sharing vital talks that inform, encourage, develop and grow people in various aspects of their lives? Then take some time on Professional Speakers Celebration Day to tell them what a great job they are doing!

These folks are often self-employed contract workers who have clients that come and go, so they might need a bit of encouragement from a friend or family member to keep pursuing their dreams. Take them out to lunch, write them a card, buy them a cup of coffee or perform some other nice gesture to show they are appreciated in their work as a professional speaker.

Join a Professional Speakers Organization

Those who are already professional speakers but find themselves disconnected or on their own may want to grow in their careers by joining a speakers organization. With the Global Speakers Federation, there are a range of different options for folks around the world to get involved with, and Professionals Speakers Celebration Day is the perfect time to do it! 

Become a Professional Speaker 

Many people don’t realize that being a speaker can actually be a full time job! And a lot of people in this profession don’t necessarily start out on this career path. Many times, a speaker becomes an expert on a certain topic and then eventually finds themselves offering to share their expertise with audiences, whether small or large. Requiring a wide range of skills, the profession of a speaker not only requires good communication, but the job also dips into aspects of marketing, social media, teaching and much more. Professional Speakers Celebration Day is a great time to consider getting involved in this unique and exciting career!

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