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March 20th
Founded by
John Michael O’Loughlin
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Learn about Proposal Day

Proposal Day was created as a way for many people to come together and ask for their partners hand in marriage. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when this day was proposed since so many people have claimed the idea as their own. But as you can tell, it’s extremely popular and may even rival Valentines Day eventually.

Many times in the past, people have wanted to propose in a romantic and quirky way but had problems with self-confidence and lack of courage. With Proposal Day, these people have their unique way of proposing by being in a large group all doing it together.

These groups use social media to chose a meeting place to all come together. This happens all around the world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people have to propose only on this day, it’s a fun idea. You should propose when the time feels right.