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Have you heard of pygmy hippos before? They are mega cute, but they also ended our help and protection, and that is why National Pygmy Hippo Day is so important!

Learn about National Pygmy Hippo Day

We are sure that you all know what a hippopotamus looks like. Well, a pygmy hippo is basically the smaller cousin of this species. There are only 2,000 pygmy hippos that are left across the world, and this is why these animals need our protection. Most of the pygmy hippos that are left today are thought to be in Liberia. However, there are small numbers in the Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

So, let’s give you a little bit of information about pygmy hippos. They are only half of the height of a hippopotamus, and they weigh less than a quarter of a full-sized hippo! So, this gives you an insight into how small they are. It is believed that they diverged from the common hippo more than ten million years ago.

Pygmy hippos spend the majority of their time in near rivers and swamps so that they can feed on the leafy vegetation in the area and keep their skin wet. They mainly eat fallen fruits, shoots, leaves, and grass.

History of National Pygmy Hippo Day

National Pygmy Hippo Day was created to raise awareness about the species, which has been classified as an endangered species. The Zoological Society of London deemed this to be the case, estimating that there are only roughly 2,000 of these species left in the wild today. This is a small number, and it is declining.

There are a number of reasons for the decline in the number of pygmy hippos today. This includes that they are being hunted for bushmeat and their natural habitats are being destroyed. There used to be a subspecies of pygmy hippos in Nigeria, but it is believed that these are now extinct, as there have not been any sightings for decades now.

The threat to this species is a very real one, and so it is important that we take note of National Pygmy Hippo Day so that we can do everything in our power to protect these wild animals that need our help!

How to celebrate National Pygmy Hippo Day

There are a lot of different ways that you can observe National Pygmy Hippo Day. One of the best ways to do so is by spreading awareness about pygmy hippos and their declining numbers. The more people that you can reach about this, the better. After all, one of the greatest issues is that a lot of people do not know about this endangered species and the problems they face.

You can also spend some time getting behind animal charities that are dedicated to protecting this species. You may even decide that you would like to host a fundraising event so that you can raise money for pygmy hippos. From fun runs to bake sales, there are plenty of different options, and they will all make a big difference.

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