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It’s almost irresistible – when a desktop or laptop computer is slow to load, and while sitting there just waiting for something to happen, it can be very difficult to say no to the urge to play with the mouse and the cursor!

History of Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day

Whether it’s a matter of procrastinating, just plain boredom or it is actually at the top of a list of favorite sporting activities (if so, you should probably re-evaluate a few things… just saying), then this day is the ideal day to simply go nuts.

Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day embraces this, and encourages people all over the world who are sitting at their computers to go crazy with their cursors and get to celebrating!

As with many holidays that are on the obscure end of the spectrum, Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day was founded and copyrighted by Wellcat, which is a company run by Ruth and Thomas Roy. And for those who are just looking for any of the tiniest reasons to celebrate and throw a party, this is certainly one of them!

How to Celebrate Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day

Even on the silliest days, there are certainly some activities that can be creatively explored to observe the day, and Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day is no exception. Try out some of these ideas in celebration of this day:

Race Your Mouse Around the Icons

Of course, the first order of business on a day like today is to do exactly what the name of the day suggests: race your computer mouse around the icons. This can be done while the computer is thinking and loading, or just as a pastime at any point during the day. Some people might even use this activity as an opportunity to think or be creative while they fidget with their mouse.

Perform a Computer Scan

One concern about a computer running slowly or taking a lot of time to load might be that it is bogged down with junk and needs a little cleanup. It is important to keep protection software running on the computer at all times but, in addition, it may be necessary to run extra programs like defragmenting or other performance boosting software. Perform the scan and then allow the software to point out programs and files that may be old or bulky and so are slowing that computer down. Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day is a super reminder to get that computer moving better for the future!

Learn More About the Computer Mouse

Show some love for the computer mouse on this day by learning a bit of trivia related to this important computer accessory. Celebrate and share some of these on Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day:

  • The computer mouse may have gotten its name because the screen cursor was originally called “CAT”, so the name for the mouse followed. Other folks think it is simply the size of the original mouse and the cord that resembled a tail.

  • The first computer mouse was built in 1964 and made of wood. The mouse didn’t become commercially available until 1981 and even then it was very expensive and uncommon.

  • 1991 brought the first wireless mouse into use, originally using radio signals and then bluetooth or WiFi.

  • The unit of measurement for the speed and movement direction of a mouse is “Mickeys per second”. A little nod to the friends over at Disney, perhaps?

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