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Celebrate, educate, and inform about rare chromosome disorders by raising awareness about this topic on this special day! With the hope of letting others know, reaching out to those in need of support and shining a light on amazing achievements, Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day is here to honor and encourage individuals with these gene disorders, along with their family members and community. 

History of Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day

As science has made so much progress over the past several decades, the ability for medical professionals and families to better understand and support those with rare chromosome disorders have increased significantly. A charitable organization in the UK, now called Unique, has been providing care and support for families with rare disorders since the 1980s.

The group now has thousands of members and has since founded Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day to help increase the number of people who are educated about and can connect with and show support to the individuals and families who are affected.

How to Celebrate Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day

Show some support and let others know about this special day! Get involved with Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day with some of these ideas:

Raise Awareness for Rare Disorders

Educating the community and letting more people know about these concerns is the purpose of Rare Chromosome Disorder Day. Observe by inviting more people into the story through sharing on social media, hosting a local event or organizing a fundraiser (like a bake sale or 5K race) for a charitable group that supports those with rare chromosome and genetic disorders.

Wear Blue and Yellow 

The folks at Unique have used blue and yellow as their theme colors that show support for Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day. In honor of the day, consider wearing a ribbon with the colors blue and yellow. Or perhaps it would be fun to get folks at work or school to dress in yellow and blue and take a photo that can be posted on social media in support of the day.

Those in the UK might want to check out the Unique online shop for t-shirts, tote bags, wristbands, pins and other merch with the Unique logo.  

Learn More About Chromosome and Gene Disorders 

An excellent way to get involved with Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day might be to get more informed and educated. The more educated and aware a community becomes, the more that unity and understanding can be fostered.

Here are some important facts to know about to get started:

  • Obviously, these disorders are extremely uncommon individually, but collectively, 1 in every 200 live births are affected by a balanced or unbalanced rare chromosome disorder.

  • One in every 1,000 live births results in a disability or illness from rare chromosomes.

  • Some rare chromosome disorders can go undetected for years before a parent passes it on to a child.

  • Chromosomal abnormalities and disorders typically occur when there is an error in cell division, which can be inherited from the parent or may be new to the individual.

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