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A well-known symbol of love in addition to being a beautiful and fragrant flower, it’s no wonder that National Red Rose Day is such a popular occasion. Celebrating the many facets of the rose, National Red Rose Day is a time for gardeners, florists, and romantics to come together and enjoy the rose in all its splendor. National Red Rose Day gives fans a chance to see roses at their best, blooming in glorious abundance at the height of the season.

When it comes to roses, the choices are plenty, but with all of this choice comes great responsibility. If you are thinking of treating a lady or gentleman that happens to have botanical interests, you need to be mindful of the roses you choose.

First and foremost, let us address the small elephant in the digital room. If you are from across the water, roses can also mean a small cheap box of chocolates, 20% of which nobody will ever eat, unless you are hoping for a divorce, you should probably steer well clear of these.

Of course, when it comes to shopping for actual roses, you still need to be mindful. Roses are one of the international symbols of passion and love, but there are some roses, such as the Rosa violet Carson, which is often associated with death and getting closer to heaven.

Now, while you may approach the situation with the best intent, should you pass one of these beautiful rose hybrids to somebody with a little botanical knowledge, this situation is tantamount to visiting your parents with retirement home catalogs.

All joking aside, when it comes to the one flower that can place you into the embrace of another, or in some cases save you from a lengthy divorce, the rose really is that flower. The question most people seem to have at this point is about how a flower can have so much power, so let’s find out.

Why is the rose so powerful

It seems that from all of the universal constants that have been discovered over many centuries, the one that seems to have lasted longest and been most prominent is that men are useless when it comes to conveying their emotions.

Roses seemed to become somewhat a communication device for men to say something wonderful without ever having to say a word. In essence, it seems that the rose is, in fact, the earliest form of Snapchat.

On a more serious note, though, roses really are an international symbol of love. It matters not where in the world you may be if you present a loved one with a rose, you are certain to be passing over a message of love.

Having something like Red Rose day in the modern world is magical; the world is full of trials and tribulations, and it’s nice to think that an emotion as deep and complicated as love can be expressed with the giving of a single flower.

The history of National Red Rose Day

When it comes to when Red Rose day began, well, that information is a little skewed, and in truth, we don’t even know who started the whole thing off; the one thing we do know though, is why it began.

Believe it or not, Red Rose day used to be a part of the celebrations of Valentine’s week, but for some unknown reason became separated at some point over the last ten years. The history behind the red rose, and why we give it though, well, that is far more rich and full.

The earliest records we can see in regards to the cultivation of roses dates back almost 5000 years, and like most things, it starts in the far east. Rose cultivation started in China but soon found its way to Rome and Greece.

It is thought that roses were seen as a luxury muse and distributed among the rich who would then give them to artists to inspire them. It seems that, like most botanical pickings of this time, roses also found their way in the medicine of the time, and this was all before a single person had used one as an apology.

If we fast forward a little, we soon see that roses went from symbols of hope, peace, and love to become a symbol of war. In England, during the 15th century, there was a well-known war that saw two parties, both using the symbol of a rose to represent their army.

While now the rose is something that represents love, still to this day, we know this great 15th century battle as the war of the roses.

So, as you can see, even something as perfect as a rose can come with some bad blood in its history, the joy is that it’s most notable trait has carried through time, and it seems that it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

It seems that while the world is becoming infatuated with automation, technology, and doing everything online, days that celebrate romance will always hold a special place in the hearts of all.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or National Red Rose Day, you should try to make things as special and wonderful as you can for the person that you love. Nowadays, it can be hard to convey a message of love, especially with all the convenience of modern life that surrounds us.

How to celebrate National Red Rose Day

There are numerous ways to celebrate National Red Rose Day, so why not take some time to enjoy this special occasion? Some people visit a rose garden where exotic species are showcased wonderfully.

Others prefer to spend some time in their own garden, perhaps preparing a special meal to relish al fresco whilst enjoying the fragrance of their own red rose blossoms. National Red Rose Day is a great reason for a celebration.

On the other hand, you may even like to think outside the box and treat this as another day to show somebody just how much you care.

Whether it’s a special somebody or a family member, showing somebody that you care about them is never a bad thing. To help make the day special you could arrive home with a single red rose before giving your loved one a wonderful evening, or you could simply leave a rose before you head off to work, whatever you do, the gesture will go a long way.

When it comes to celebrations of passion and love, we can never have too many. So, if you haven’t celebrated National Red Rose Day before now, then perhaps this year should be the one where you start. After all, National Red Rose Day is becoming more and more popular with each passing year; you wouldn’t want to be the one in the dog house for not doing something special, would you?

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