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For more than 300 years, the story of Robinson Crusoe has been filling the minds and imaginations of adventure lovers all over the world.

History of Robinson Crusoe Day

Robinson Crusoe Day was founded in 1999 as an honorary day to celebrate this literary work of Daniel Defoe along with the stories and tales it has inspired since then. When the work was originally published, it was put under the author’s name of Robinson Crusoe, which led many readers to believe that it was a true autobiography.

As it turns out, the story may have been patterned after the experiences of a Scottish sailor named Alexander Selkirk, who was a castaway for four years on a deserted island. Since 1966, that island, which is located in what is modern day Chile, has even been renamed as Robinson Crusoe Island.

How to Celebrate Robinson Crusoe Day

Take some time to enjoy Robinson Crusoe Day by celebrating with some of these ideas:

Read Robinson Crusoe

Many students who read the book in school are a bit put off by the fact that, although it has certain adventures, it is also very long and many might consider it to be a bit boring. Still, for those who are fans, reading Robinson Crusoe (or perhaps the CliffsNotes) might be the right way to celebrate the day.

Watch a Robinson Crusoe Inspired Movie

Have some fun on Robinson Crusoe Day by watching a film that brings a bit of entertainment inspired by the idea of a castaway on a deserted island! With more than a dozen films inspired by the book, it’s easy to find one to watch for the day.

Consider watching one of these movies or shows:

  • Robinson Crusoe (1997). This American adventure survival drama film stars Pierce Brosnon in the title role.
  • The Wild Life (2016). The kids will love this animated tale featuring the story of Robinson Crusoe’s desert island experience, as told by a local parrot.
  • Crusoe (2008-2009). This American NBC series also tells the story of the book, but it offers an interesting and modern take on the subject of race relations.
  • Robinson Crusoe (1927). Made in Britain almost 100 years ago, this silent drama version was likely the first film made of the story by Daniel Defoe.

Host a Robinson Crusoe Day Party

Invite some friends over for a theme party gathering in celebration of Robinson Crusoe Day. Ask friends to dress up in period costumes, either as sailors or other characters from the 18th century, or as the castaway himself. Background music can be selections of sailing tunes, and the entertainment for the evening might be a reading of the Robinson Crusoe book or perhaps a viewing of one of the many films.

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