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Rollercoaster Day is celebrated annually on the 16th August. The origins of the celebration are not completely clear, however, the most widely believed explanation for Rollercoaster Day is that the date was chosen to mark the 16th August, 1898.

Which was when the very first patent for a rollercoaster ride was issued. The date has been marked by fairgrounds and fans of rollercoasters all over the world since the eighties.

How to celebrate Rollercoaster Day

Many of the biggest amusement parks and fairgrounds across the USA and beyond choose to offer special deals to visitors on the 16th August. These often involve a reduction in ticket prices or the chance to buy one ticket and get another free.

Some parks promote the celebration in order to attract more people in on this particular date. For many of the world’s biggest rollercoaster fans, this is a celebration that can not afford to be missed! As such, enthusiasts will take a take off work in order to make sure they ride a rollercoaster on the 16th August!