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There’s no dispute that can’t be solved over a beer, a brat, and an adversary with a weaker argument than you.

The Brattender

While it’s certain that we’ve all had our share of sausages in our day, particularly that low-born sheath of processed meat known as the frankfurter, not everyone has had the pleasure of enjoying a bratwurst. Bratwurst is typically made from pork, but can, in fact, be made from any meat, and World Bratwurst Day celebrates every variety you can conceive of.

History of World Bratwurst Day

Sausage is quite ancient, going back as far as 228AD according to archaeological evidence, but the noble Bratwurst has only been around since 1313. Every region has a different variety of bratwurst to call its own, with over 40 varieties coming from within the country of Germany. Throughout Germany Bratwurst are perceived as more of a snack food than a main dish, though they can often be found served in the latter capacity at pubs, usually with sauerkraut or potato salad and a dense rye bread or pretzel. New York City may have hot dog vendors, but Germany has Bratwurst carts!

The varieties that come from Franconia date back to the first bratwursts, and are usually heavily laden with marjoram as a seasoning. These bratwursts tend to be large and filled with coarsely ground meat which lends them an overall juicier texture and flavor. While those from the city of Corburg only use salt, pepper, nutmeg, and lemon zest. World Bratwurst Day celebrates all these and the hundreds of other varieties available, and encourages us to explore the culinary world of the Brat and see what our taste buds can find!

How to Celebrate World Bratwurst Day

Celebrating World Bratwurst Day is easy! Just head on out to your local supermarket and buy yourself a few bags of Brats and invite your friends over for a delicious dinner party! Looking for something a bit more adventurous? You can always look for the local bratwurst festivals that are held every year or you could get out and organize one! For those who are looking for a culinary experience, you can also create your own Bratwursts with whatever it is you think would go well in them! World Bratwurst Day asks us to share our love of Bratwursts and to try our hand at making our own. What will you create today?