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Root canals are one of the most common and misunderstood dental procedures. They help clear teeth of infection and help prevent cavities to protect them. This is all done by a dentist, and dentists don’t get enough days of recognition to celebrate their accomplishments.

National Root Canal Appreciation Day aims to change that fact by teaching people about root canals and to appreciate how dentists help protect teeth for everyone.

History of National Root Canal Appreciation Day

National Root Canal Appreciation Day began under the most unusual of circumstances. The holiday was created in 2005 by dentist Dr. Chris Krammer. Dr. Krammer is not just a dentist – He’s a rock-n-roll dentist.

He gained notoriety through performing his original rap song “Get Out the Brush” at Madison Mallard’s collegiate league ballpark. His performance inspired 5,991 baseball fans to brush their teeth simultaneously.

Since then he had appeared on American Idol and other venues to teach people about the importance of dental care through his music. That record was surpassed by a Colgate-sponsored event at the San Salvador’s Cuscatlán Stadium in El Salvador. National Root Canal Appreciation Day marks the occasion in hopes of giving recognition to dental specialists everywhere.

People can also learn about the importance of root canal care on National Root Canal Appreciation Day. The pulp inside of teeth that contain nerves and tissue can become infected.

Root canals are performed to help clear out this infection and protect the tooth from further damage. Root canals are one of the most used procedures by dentists because of their ability to prevent decay.

Tooth infections can also spread throughout the body, meaning that a Root Canal can actually save your life. National Root Canal Appreciation Day aims to appreciate the work that dentists do for their patients all over the world.

On this day, people take extra precautions to care for their teeth, such as flossing and mouthwash. They also give thanks to their personal dentists by giving gifts and spreading the holiday through social media and school posters.

How to celebrate National Root Canal Appreciation Day

Anyone who loves their dentists and loves taking care of their teeth can celebrate this holiday! But, even if you don’t, you can still thank your dentists for their hard work.

Send them a thank you card with an attached gift. You can learn how root canals are done and use this as an opportunity to take better care of your teeth.

If you find root canals to be an interesting topic, then share this information with your friends. Help support dentists everywhere by making their job easier. By doing the basic hygiene for your teeth, you and your dentist will be grateful for it.

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