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2nd Wednesday of May
8th May, 2019
9th May, 2018

Learn about Root Canal Appreciation Day

Tooth pain is not a laughing matter, and for anyone who has experienced that discomfort prior to having treatment from an endodontist, Root Canal Appreciation Day is a big, big event.

For teeth that have been damaged or irritated to the point of infection, the root canal procedure not only prevents worsening or abscess, it also preserves the tooth and maintains the integrity of the natural bite. Don’t worry; there’s no need to rush out for an unnecessary root canal just to celebrate the day. Recognizing the importance of dental health and its connection to overall health is enough.

Root Canal Appreciation Day can be honored by acknowledging the dental specialists who relieve tooth pain and take care of smiles, and by celebrating the resilience of our teeth and their enduring ability to keep on chewing and keep on smiling.