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Now is the time to sing the praises of Rounds Resounding Day! This annual event aims to celebrate the art of singing rounds, or part-songs – with different voices taking up various elements of the melody. So whether someone is a lover of singing, or just enjoys listening to it, Rounds Resounding Day is here to show appreciation for this incredible form of music.

History of National Rounds Resounding Day

Singing in rounds has a history that dates back at least several centuries, or maybe even longer. The oldest published English part-songs date back to the 17th century, but evidence of them dates back even further, to 12th century Europe and beyond.

The concept of round singing is simple, but it has such an incredible sound when executed well. It typically requires at least three or four voices so that each can join into the song at a separate time but come out sounding amazing!

English nursery rhymes such as Three Blind Mice and Row, Row, Row Your Boat, as well as the Australian song Kookaburra are among the most popular rounds, often sung around the campfire by girl scouts and others who enjoy camping. However, serious composers have also written many songs in this format. More recently, a cappella groups and barbershop quartets have put a whole different spin on singing in the round.

Rounds Resounding Day is a special day that was founded in 1987 to promote this important act of singing in the round. The focus is especially on the important elements of singing, including harmony, rhythm and timing. Of course, no matter how it is celebrated, this day is likely to prove a resounding success!

How to Celebrate Rounds Resounding Day

Bring a bit more music into life – on repeat – by observing Rounds Resounding Day! Have loads of fun celebrating with some of these delightful ideas:

Sing a Round or Two

A great way to mark the occasion is to grab a few other singers and sing in the round – because no one can sing in the round alone! It’s a community event. So join forces with family or friends and try singing a mixture of songs, both old favorites and new discoveries.

Try out some of these old favorites that most everyone knows in observance of Rounds Resounding Day:

  • Frère Jacques (Brother John)
  • Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)
  • I Like the Flowers
  • White Coral Bells

Join a Local Choir

One of the best ways to get on board with Rounds Resounding Day might be to check out some local volunteer choirs that it is possible to join. From churches to schools to community theaters, many local areas are often looking for volunteers to participate in singing in their choirs, and this is a perfect time to join up!

Listen to Some Pop Songs in the Round

For those who think that singing songs in the round is only for little old ladies in a choir, think again! Rounds Resounding Day may be observed most by choir directors and a capella groups, but there’s nothing to say that this style of singing can’t be incorporated into modern music for today.

Here are some examples of modern and pop songs to check out that have examples of being sung in the round:

  • God Only Knows by The Beach Boys (1966)
  • Bird Song by The Wailin’ Jennys (2011)
  • The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson (2008)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen We’re Floating in Space by Spiritualized (1997)

Write a Song in the Round

Not finding a favorite song that others are playing or singing in the round? Well, those who are of a musical bent might want to consider writing their own! After all, it’s never been easier to produce music and get it out there to the world than it is with modern technology. Write the song, get a couple of friends to help sing it on a recording, and make the world a “rounder” place by sharing it with the world on Rounds Resounding Day!

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