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Thunderbirds Are Go! Yes, most every British person of a certain age (who had a television at the time!) will have known and loved the Thunderbirds. From the groundbreaking puppet work to the stunning backdrop designs of Gerry Anderson, the Thunderbirds was a unique science fiction television series that aired in the 1960s. But the show was set 100 years in the future–in the 2060s!

Perhaps most of all, fans of the show love the selfless heroism and team-oriented bravery of International Rescue. Now, everyone can relive their favorite moments and focus on what made (and continues to make), the Thunderbirds such a beloved institution.

Get ready for International Thunderbirds Day!

History of International Thunderbirds Day

Generations of fans have fallen in love with the Thunderbirds. The show began over 50 years ago, but the most recent rebirth of the show occurred in 2015 (called Thunderbirds Are Go) and continued at least through 2020. International Thunderbirds Day aims to bring all those fans of the show together to celebrate the legacy and continuation of the show.

Fans all over the world come together on this one day of the year to celebrate what the Thunderbirds have to offer. The show is a truly international phenomenon; Thunderbirds Are Go, the new version of the show, is broadcast in over 40 countries, and the original was shown in an impressive 66 countries.

That’s why International Thunderbirds Day is thriving in the digital era, as people from all over the world come together online to discuss, share and celebrate their love of this pioneering sci-fi series.

International Thunderbirds Day takes place on the date in September when the original Thunderbirds made its debut on British TV. It’s obviously an important date for all Thunderbirds enthusiasts and it means a lot to the people who want to recall the legacy of the show and what it means today!

The first episode was aired back in 1965 and it has reached all corners of the globe since that time. The values of bravery, selflessness and teamwork resonate with successive generations and that’s something that doesn’t show any sign of stopping thanks to the success of Thunderbirds Are Go. More people join together to celebrate the show on International Thunderbirds Day with each passing year.

How to Celebrate International Thunderbirds Day

So, how should a fan of the show go about celebrating International Thunderbirds Day? Try out these fun ideas for enjoying the day or come up with your own:

Join in on a International Thunderbirds Day Event

There are lots of things that happen in various parts of the world and it’s possible to find out what’s happening in each local area by heading to the website, Activities and fan meetings will be displayed there, as well as various local gatherings. If a gathering in the local area isn’t found, why not consider putting one on and inviting fans of the show to join in? It will be a great time to make new friends with a common interest in this nostalgic show!

Watch (Or Re-Watch) the Thunderbirds Series

Some people simply decide to rewatch their favorite Thunderbirds episodes, whether from the original 1960s version or from the more modern series. For an added bit of fun, groups of people might decide to throw a watch party where they get together and dress up as their favorite Tracy Island inhabitants as they watch. This could be a great way to get into the spirit of International Thunderbirds Day–and perhaps to introduce the series to someone who has never seen it before.

Download Thunderbirds Activities for Home Use

Another fun way to celebrate is to download activities to complete in your home, which is a great way for families to celebrate International Thunderbirds Day and display their love of the show together. This shows that there are both big and small ways to enjoy International Thunderbirds Day with those around you.

Enjoy a Thunderbirds Feature Film

Released in 2004, almost 40 years after the original series and 11 years prior to the new series, Thunderbirds, a live-action remake was expected to perform well with those who were nostalgic about the show, but it wasn’t a stellar hit at the box office. (The original creator, Gerry Anderson, was not involved in the creation of the film.)

Two other Thunderbirds franchise films from the 1960s series were released on DVD in 2004 in the lead up to the live-action film, including Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbirds 6.

Watching these films could be a great way to celebrate International Thunderbirds Day to get an idea of the characters for those who don’t have time to get started on the whole series. Grab a few friends, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a fun Thunderbirds movie night!

Learn Some Thunderbirds Trivia

Whether holding an entire Thunderbirds quiz night or just sharing some fun facts with coworkers, try out these interesting tidbits about the Thunderbirds series:

  • The names of the five main characters in the Thunderbirds series were inspired by the astronauts from the Mercury space project, including Scott Carpenter, Alan Shepard, Virgil Grissom, John Glenn and Gordon Cooper.
  • The Thunderbirds show was set to take place 100 years in the future from the original airing–in 2065.
  • During the credits after each of the new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go (2015-2020), in a nod to the original series, one picture shows a sketch of the Tracy Island lounge–but on the walls are 5 portraits of characters from the original show.
  • Although the 1965 version of the show used guns, the 50 year anniversary reboot did not. The idea behind this was that the International Rescue team was meant to help save lives, not take them.

You can head to @ThunderbirdsHQ on various social media platforms to get more information on getting involved with International Thunderbirds Day and join in the fun with fellow fans of the show.

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