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Happiness is… pizza with sausage.

Clark Gesner, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Almost every person on the face of the earth has a favorite kind of pizza! Would that kind happen to be full of the robust, well-seasoned flavor of sausage? National Sausage Pizza Day reminds us that while Pepperoni may be considered the King of Pizzas, it’s Sausage Pizza that’s Queen.

Sausage Pizza is the second most popular pizza in the world (only behind its good friend, Pepperoni Pizza), and with so many variations on sausage, there’s an endless number of types that can be deeply enjoyed. National Sausage Pizza Day is the perfect opportunity to challenge the idea of boring pizza and try multiple types of this spicy and delicious topping.

History of National Sausage Pizza Day

Of course, it’s true that almost everyone likes pepperoni, but what most people don’t know is that sausage is nearly as popular on pizza as its cousin pepperoni. While most places that serve sausage pizza use classic Italian sausage, that’s a discredit to the incredible variety it is possible to get out of this incredible meat treat.

There are as many types of sausage as can be imagined, including beef sausage, chicken sausage, and of course the classic pork sausage. Each of these can be made with apples, fennel, cheese, garlic, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and a myriad of other ingredients that can change a simple sausage into a delicious extravaganza.

Sausage on pizza is nearly as old as the pizza itself and has been a common ingredient in this flatbread-based treat for centuries.

Since National Sausage Pizza Day falls within Pizza Month, it’s a doubly good reason to celebrate! 

How to Celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day

Celebrating National Sausage Pizza Day can be loads of fun–and truly delicious! Get on board with all different varieties and brands of sausage pizza and try out these ideas for celebrating:

Go Out for Sausage Pizza

This is a great day to gather family or friends and head over to a pizza joint! Whether a deep-dish Chicago style or a thin crust New York-style, sausage pizza covers it all. Try out one of these unique and interesting pizza places that are known to offer some of the best pizza in the world:

  • Pizzeria L’Operetta in Singapore. Authentic Napoli pizzas are served in Southeast Asia at this delicious pizza place. Expect some interesting varieties of toppings!
  • Bæst Pizza in Copenhagen. Those searching for great pizza in Scandinavia need to look no further than Bæst in Denmark. They cook their pizza on a wood-fired stove that was imported from Naples!
  • Lamanna’s Bakery in Toronto. This Italian bakery is known for its authenticity, and its pizza recipe is no exception. Specializing in enormous slices of pizza, one slice can be shared with a friend (or even two!). Or, the brave few with a huge appetite can try it on their own. And the bakery offers delicious desserts–for those who have any space left after they have eaten their huge pizza slices.
  • Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo in Italy and Beyond. For the best in Italian pizza, of course, one must go to Italy (or, perhaps, Italy will bring the pizza to you). This chain of several pizzerias, owned and operated by Gino Sorbillo himself, has locations in Rome, Naples and Milan and other places in Italy, as well international locations of Tokyo, New York and Miami.

Make Pizza at Home

Some of the tastiest pizza is made in humble kitchens all over the world. The great thing about making it at home is that it can be made exactly to the specific desires and needs of the person (or family) who is making it! Enjoy making fresh dough or grab it from the refrigerator section at the grocery store. Stuff the crust, if desired. Make it thick or thin. Add various toppings (sausage required, of course). Then bake and enjoy!

Have Sausage Pizza Delivered at Work (or at Home)

Maybe the boss will pay for it, or maybe everyone will need to pitch in, but ordering sausage pizza for the folks at the office or the warehouse is a great way to celebrate the day! Check out local delivery deals that might be special specifically in honor of the day. Downloading the apps for the local pizza places is a great way to keep apprised of discounts and deals that are offered.

Discover Something New and Creative

National Sausage Pizza Day is a great opportunity to break free of old traditions and discover something new. Everyone has their favorite kind of sausage, and all of them can be used to top a pizza. One interesting favorite for a sweet sausage pizza is Apple Chicken Sausage, which lends a sweet flavor to the dish while still providing a tangy taste.

For the people who have only experienced classic Italian Sausage on their pizza in the past, it’s time to expand that palate. Head on down to the local butcher or deli department and ask them what they’d suggest using on a pizza, and turn them away from the Italian, since the point is to get creative here.

Get Cheesy for National Sausage Pizza Day

Looking for something cheesy and zesty? Some call it sacrilege, but other people may happen to enjoy putting Cheddar Wursts on their Sausage Pizza. Of course, this requires cutting it thin and layering cheese around it to get the best effect (because, honestly, who doesn’t just love cheese?), but it will taste absolutely fabulous. What other fun and unique variation will you come up with for National Sausage Pizza Day?

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