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If there’s one thing that makes any day better it’s a hot slice of pizza shared among friends.  Pizza Party Day was created to give people an excuse (like we needed one) to get together with a group of people we love and enjoy the rich cheesy taste of pizza.

Pizza has a long history, and it has become one of the mainstays of office meetings, birthday parties, and friendly get-togethers.

History of Pizza Party Day

The history of Pizza Party Day is really the history of pizza itself.  For thousands of years, people have been gathering around to enjoy this delicious food.  Of course, all those years ago it may not have looked quite like we imagine it today.

The first people to make something like the pizza we know were the Greeks, who started by covering bread with bread, herbs, oil, and cheese.  Another version was enjoyed by the Romans, who covered a dough sheet with honey and cheese and seasoned it with bay leaves.

Pizza first started looking like we’re familiar with as Neapolitan Flatbread in Italy, a dish made with mozzarella cheese from buffalo around Naples. Over time new ingredients were added and it spread across the globe.

In 1905 pizza found its way to America in a little pizzeria in Little Italy in New York City. Today cheese for pizza is produced in quantities of over 2 billion pounds every year and is one of America’s favorite foods.

With so much history behind this incredible dish, it’s not surprising that it finally got its own holiday.  One of the challenges when organizing a pizza party is that not everyone agrees what should go on a pizza.

Some people fiercely believe that pineapple has no place on a pizza, while others think that anchovies do.  The great thing about a Pizza Party is you can order enough variety for everyone!

How to celebrate Pizza Party Day

There is nothing more delicious than celebrating this incredible holiday.  You get to gather a group of friends together and order pizza from your favorite pizzeria.  If you’re feeling really creative you can actually convince people to create their own pizza from scratch.

You can start with a pre-made crust and sauce and just add your own toppings if you want it easy. Or you can go through the whole process of making it from scratch, sauce and dough and all!