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While most schools have gotten away from the concept of teachers visiting their students in the home, many educators and families are convinced that this practice needs to be restored in these modern times. In fact, home visits by teachers are a proven strategy that is shown to improve student engagement, attendance, achievement and behavior.

Celebrate the power of trust that is built through relationships between schools, communities and families by getting involved with National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week!

History of National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week

The Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV) organization was launched in 1997 with the purpose of engaging students, teachers, families and communities. The theme of “a home visit for every learner” motivates those involved in the organization to foster engagement between families and schools by equipping educators.

In celebration of their 25th anniversary in 2022, the organization launched the inaugural National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week. The goals of the week are to celebrate educators and families who work to build trusting relationships, conduct as many home visits as possible, generate awareness and support for home visits, and share the impact locally and nationally.

How to Celebrate National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week

Move forward in education by building relationships and fostering trust between teachers and students’ families. Consider some of these important plans and activities for observing National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week:

Conduct Parent Teacher Home Visits

Teachers and educators who are involved with National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week can make this time a vital part of the relationship they have with their students. Some important factors for this model of PTHV to consider during this week:

  • Home visits are always voluntary.
  • Students are not specifically targeted – all are equally welcome.
  • Educators are trained and compensated.
  • Educators make visits in pairs and then reflect together.

Learn More and Implement Home Visit Programs

Those who are in the education system, whether as teachers, facilitators, administrators or school board members, can make National Parent Teacher Home Visits Week at time to speak up. Get the community of educators to learn more about these types of programs, specifically the evidence that the relationship fosters trust and care to benefit the students, their families and the wider community. Check out the PTHV website or other educational sites to learn more about training and engagement.

Consider Parent Teacher Home Visit Benefits

Feeling skeptical or looking for more information about why and how these home visits between teachers and families are helpful? Check out some of these facts from the Institute of Education Sciences about home visits:

  • Foster positive communication between teachers and students’ families.
  • Have a huge impact on student academic achievement and progress.
  • Offer insight on ways the home environment can support school performance.
  • Fewer student disciplinary incidents, improved attendance and parents who are more involved in their children’s education.

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