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All budding gardeners out there, who enjoy growing new plants, will enjoy National Seed Swap Day. Although people have been swapping seeds since time began, nowadays people usually buy seeds and the old skill of swapping seeds is disappearing from our culture.

The first official seed swap day was held on 26th January 2006, in Washington DC, and is now a national ‘day’. It’s a day where gardeners can come together and swap the seeds from their best plants, which is great for improving the biodiversity, in the local area.

Why not have a seed day party with friends and neighbors; or your local allotment group, if you own an allotment? Everyone must bring some of their own seeds to swap, so try breaking away from the usual, and swap yours with an heirloom variety instead. Everyone attending the event could bring something to share, how about something made from their own produce?!

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