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Stay young, healthy and flexible by enjoying and celebrating National Senior Health & Fitness Day! Whether you’re a senior yourself or you have one in your life, this day acts as a perfect reminder and motivator to enjoy the benefits that exercise and good health offer.

History of National Senior Health & Fitness Day

A health and fitness event specifically targeted toward those who are a bit further along in years, National Senior Health & Fitness Day has been celebrated on the last day in May each year since 1993. The day was founded and continues to be organized by the Mature Market Resource Center (MMRC) with the purpose of encouraging folks to participate in some activities that will help them get and stay fit.

Various groups and organizations that work to support seniors spend time making a special time on the day, such as retirement communities, health care providers, parks and recreation departments, hospitals, health systems and so many others.

How to Celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Raise awareness and celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day, getting started with some of these delightful ideas:

Participate in a Local Senior Fitness Event

One of the best ways to celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day is to get connected with some other folks in the local area where some activities are being planned. Organizations all throughout the nation are able to register their activities with the official website so that people can get access to all of the information they need.

Family members or friends of a senior who could participate might want to be an encouragement to them. Perhaps offer to help them by locating events for them from the internet, offering to provide transportation for the day, or even accompanying them on a walk in the park or to a doctor’s appointment for a health check. Seniors sometimes need support to maintain health and fitness, and this would be an amazing time to be involved!

Organize a Senior Health & Fitness Day Event

Those folks who are involved with health and fitness activities of any kind can easily get involved with the day by hosting a class or event specifically for seniors. Activities that are organized just for people over a certain age can often be less intimidating and encourage more participation.

Open enrollment in a Chair Yoga class for seniors that includes gentle stretching. Host a dog walk at a local park for seniors to bring their pets for exercise. Or put on a special time at the local YMCA or pool where seniors can have the space all to themselves.

Volunteer at a Senior Center

Most communities have a variety of opportunities for younger folks to volunteer at centers that provide support to seniors. National Senior Health & Fitness Day might be the perfect time to volunteer to coordinate an activity, help with an event or even simply become a companion or friend to a senior who might be facing loneliness or isolation. Check with local senior centers in the area to find out more.

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