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You probably remember show and tell from your kindergarten days. Perhaps you even miss the opportunity to show things off now that you’re an adult. Well, if you do miss those days from when you were a kid, we’ve got good news for you!

There’s a Show and Tell at Work Day for adults to indulge themselves in. Unlike schoolchildren, most of the adults at your office can at least act mature and not disparage you for showing off something that they personally think of as lame. Yup, you’ve grown up and so have they, so this could actually be a lot more fun than it used to be. You can even squeeze in a bit of workplace bonding to boot.

History of Show and Tell at Work Day

This is another brainchild of Thomas and Ruth Roy, creators and proprietors of and inventors of a number of wacky and fun holidays. We can say why Show and Tell at Work Day exists: it’s simply to provide adults with the same sort of fun opportunities to play show and tell that elementary school kids have. After all, who doesn’t like to show off?

How to Celebrate Show and Tell at Work Day

We think that you can probably think of something that’s important or interesting to you that you might just want to share with your colleagues. Now you have the perfect excuse to bring it to office and show it off to everyone there, and they might just be as interested in it as you. Even if they aren’t, well, it was worth a try and now you’ll have a better idea of what to show everyone next time around. But wait, let’s assume that you’re the only person in your workplace who actually knows that there’s such a thing as Show and Tell at Work Day.

Therefore, you need to enlighten all of your friends and colleagues about this fact. So you could just simply bring something interesting to work and start talking about it, or you could let everyone know beforehand by sending emails or even e-cards (e-card companies are very good about noticing the existence of holidays like this, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding an appropriate e-card if you just look). Okay, we think you get the idea, so now go and play show and tell with your colleagues.

Before we wrap things up, we’ll give you a gentle reminder that you really ought to keep things appropriate. Use your own judgment, but we’d strongly suggest that you don’t bring anything overtly sexual or morbid to office. You probably shouldn’t show off that copy of The Anarchist’s Cookbook if you don’t want someone from the FBI or DHS to show up at your office tomorrow. Ditto for anything related to illegal drugs or fraud. Just a friendly word of caution.

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