We have this single day, Friday, Native American Heritage Day, which was designated by an act of Congress in 2008 — relatively recently.

Rich Holschuh of the Elnu Abenaki Tribe

Do you wish to know more about your County? What about the people that lived here before there was the United States of America? Why not take some time to learn all you can about the Country before it became what it is today, and see the world from a different point of view? Have you ever wondered what it was like before the idea of civilization in the modern sense came to be? Then take some time to learn about the lives of the people that were in the Americas long before the settlers came to discover them.

History of Native Americans

President George W Bush passed a Law in November of 2008 creating this opportunity to the First Peoples that are native to these lands, It was also backed by the National Indian Gaming Association to be recognized by the Native tribes in the United States. It is a way to celebrate and give thanks for the contributions that the Native Americans have given to the United States of America throughout the years. 

From the land that we share to the customs that have been passed down to each generation.  There are some things that should not be forgotten, help with the wars that were fought to keep this land as well as to keep the oppression from foreign countries and governments. Also learning the items that were traded and how to survive in a new and hostile environment.

There is a darker side to this day though some are not willing to look at it, it is the recognition of the lives that were lost when the settlers came to what we now know as the United States.

How to celebrate Native American Heritage Day

There are many ways to celebrate such a day You can learn about your local Native American Tribe. They have a rich history in the land that we inhabit. Taking the time to learn about them from their elders, visit a Tribe museum if there is one local to you. Speaking with the council or supporting them through social media. What it boils down to is ask your questions and learn their history. You may find it very enlightening and a way to remember all that has happened to make this country what it is today.

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