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From providing tools and resources to help with setting career goals, from accelerating the job search process to evaluating options, career coaches wear a lot of hats! National Career Coach Day provides an ideal opportunity for career coaches, along with those who love and appreciate them, to celebrate and honor this helpful career path! 

History of National Career Coach Day

While the idea of a career coach or career counselor might seem somewhat recent, in truth, the career coach has been around for more than a century! Dating back at least as far as the late 19th century, career coaching has developed and expanded over the years. One important factor in bringing this service to the forefront of society was the book, Choosing a Vocation, written by Frank Parsons, published in 1909.

It was in 1990 that the first professional association for career coaches and resume writers was founded, and the field continues to grow. In fact, today the career coaching industry is valued in the billions of dollars!

National Career Coach Day was founded in 2023 in collaboration with Angie M. Callen from Career Benders, a coaching organization in the US. The day was established with the purpose of recognizing the important work that career coaches do and the vital services they provide to people all over the world.

How to Celebrate National Career Coach Day

Show some love and appreciation for those whose job it is to help others find the career of their dreams! Celebrate National Career Coach Day with a number of different ideas, including some of these:

Thank a Career Coach

Those who have worked with a career coach in the past who has helped them find their true calling may want to take time on National Career Coach to say a special “thank you”. Send a message, mail a card, give them a call, or update them through an email including a career update. After all, coaches always love to know when they’ve helped someone reach their goals and dreams!

Hire a Career Coach

People who are just starting out in the work world, are stuck in a job they don’t like, or wish they could be more creative in their work, may be interested in seeing what a career coach might have to offer them! Career coaches are armed with all sorts of tools and resources that can help individuals take a look at their passions, understand how to build skills and discover the myriad of ways they can be more satisfied with their life’s work!

Become a Career Coach

For someone who finds joy in helping others achieve their goals and dreams, perhaps National Career Coach Day would be the perfect time to consider this as the perfect job. Like most work, being a career coach is partly about natural talent, partly about building skills and partly about connecting with the right resources. Many people in this line of work may also find that a background in psychology or counseling is helpful.

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