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While there is a necessity to keeping imagination and belief alive, a necessity that can almost be said to be vital to the human soul, Skeptic’s Day celebrates those who help us keep our feet on the ground while we reach for the stars.

We all have that one person who sits by in quiet contempt while we work our way through ghost stories and the latest health craze, and instead keeps themselves focused on research and evidence before believing anything. If you have a skeptic in your life, Skeptic’s Day is your opportunity to celebrate their adherence to facts.

History of Skeptic’s Day

Skeptic’s Day came into being to recognize the all-important skeptic in everyone’s lives. It isn’t true that skeptics don’t believe anything, they just have to see the evidence of the thing in front of them, tested and tried and true. While this doesn’t make them particularly religious fellows, it does give them the ability to not be taken in by snake-oil claims and scam artists. They’re one of the greatest resources the dreamer can have, and also one of the greatest hindrances.

Skeptics are, thankfully, well in abundance in scientific circles. After all, belief isn’t going to make the world of physics behave in ways outside of those prescribed by the natural order. You can’t make technology function by just slapping things together and hoping they work, so you need someone who is able to see how things actually work, and that’s your skeptic for you!

How to celebrate Skeptic’s Day

Celebrate Skeptic’s Day by becoming one yourself, if only for 24 hours. When you see a post on the internet making some claim that sounds a bit too good to be true? Or even too negative to be believable, take the time to research it. All too often people are presenting information to get the reaction from you that they want. Skeptics know that opinions are one thing, but facts are facts, and in facts lay the release from being gullible and looking foolish.

Take the time to appreciate the skeptic in your life on Skeptic’s day, thank them for always looking out for the facts and reigning in the wild claims and mistaken beliefs of those of us who are perhaps a little less fastidious about keeping their facts straight. Skeptic’s Day is their day to shine, so make sure they know you appreciate them!

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