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SKYWARN™ Recognition Day is an exciting event honoring the dedication of volunteer radio operators who report severe weather conditions.

These volunteers, known as SKYWARN spotters, provide critical real-time information to the National Weather Service (NWS). This annual celebration highlights the invaluable role they play in keeping communities safe during severe weather.

This day is celebrated to recognize the significant contributions of amateur radio operators. They report on weather events such as tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, ensuring that the NWS receives accurate and timely data.

This information is crucial for issuing warnings and protecting lives and property. By acknowledging these efforts, SKYWARN Recognition Day emphasizes the importance of community involvement in weather safety.

The event also boosts the morale of these dedicated volunteers. It provides a platform for them to connect with fellow operators and NWS staff, enhancing their skills and coordination.

This interaction not only celebrates their achievements but also strengthens the network of weather watchers, ensuring better preparedness for future weather emergencies.

History of SKYWARN™ Recognition Day

SKYWARN™ Recognition Day began in 1999. The National Weather Service (NWS) and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) teamed up to create this special day.

They wanted to honor the efforts of volunteer radio operators who provide crucial weather reports during severe conditions.

The day celebrates these volunteers who help the NWS by reporting real-time weather events like tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes.

Their reports are vital for issuing timely warnings to protect lives and property. By marking this day, the NWS and ARRL emphasize the importance of community involvement in weather safety.

Every year, SKYWARN™ Recognition Day brings together amateur radio operators and weather enthusiasts. They visit NWS offices and connect with other operators worldwide.

This event celebrates their contributions and strengthens the network of weather spotters, ensuring better preparedness for future weather emergencies.

How to Celebrate SKYWARN™ Recognition Day

Host a Weather Watch Party

Gather friends and family for a weather watch party. Check out weather forecasts and share exciting weather stories. Bring snacks that reflect the weather theme—how about some “tornado” trail mix?

Radio Connection Extravaganza

Set up a ham radio station in your home. Then, try contacting other SKYWARN™ volunteers worldwide. It’s like a global scavenger hunt with radios! While you’re at it, teach the kids how radios work.

Visit Your Local NWS Office

Plan a visit to your nearest National Weather Service office. Many offer tours on this special day. You’ll get an insider look at how they track storms and keep us safe.

DIY Weather Station

Build a simple weather station in your backyard. Use household items to measure rainfall, wind speed, and temperature. Challenge your neighbors to see who can predict the weather better!

Weather-Themed Crafts

Get crafty with weather-themed projects. Make cloud mobiles, rain sticks, or snow globes. This activity is perfect for keeping little hands busy and teaching them about weather phenomena.

Social Media Shoutout

Hop onto your favorite social media platforms and give a shoutout to SKYWARN™ volunteers.

Share interesting weather facts and thank these heroes for their service. Include fun hashtags like #SKYWARNHeroes and #WeatherWatchers.

Learn and Share

Dive into some weather books or documentaries. Learn about meteorology and the importance of weather spotting. Share your newfound knowledge with friends to spread awareness.

Thank a Volunteer

Write thank-you notes to SKYWARN™ volunteers. A simple gesture of appreciation can brighten their day and show how much their efforts matter.

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