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Have you ever wondered about the driving force behind your favorite local shops and services? Every year in May, we turn our attention to these heroes during Small Business Month.

It’s a time to celebrate small businesses’ significant impact on our economy and communities.

Small Business Month shines a spotlight on the creativity and resilience of small business owners across the country. The celebration kicks off on May 1st and lasts the entire month.

This period highlights the importance of these businesses, which account for 99.9% of all U.S. companies and create millions of new jobs every year. They are essential not only for economic growth but also for fostering vibrant, diverse communities.

Why do we celebrate Small Business Month? It’s simple: these enterprises are crucial to our local and national economies.

They provide unique products and services, support local causes, and create meaningful jobs. Recognizing their contributions helps to increase support and awareness, ensuring they continue to thrive and enhance our daily lives​.

History of Small Business Month

Small Business Month has its roots in the broader support and recognition of small businesses’ pivotal role in the U.S. economy.

The origins of this focus can be traced back to the post-World War II era, during which small businesses were recognized for their contributions to recovery and growth.

This acknowledgment was formalized with the creation of the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 1953 under the Small Business Act signed by President Dwight Eisenhower.

The SBA was established to support, counsel, and protect the interests of small enterprises, ensuring they received a fair share of government contracts and surplus sales.

The development of Small Business Month as a specific observance came later, emerging from the growth and evolution of small business support over decades. By the 1970s and 1980s, as America’s economic fabric became more diverse and driven by innovation, small businesses increasingly stood out as engines of job creation and local development.

This period saw an increased public interest in entrepreneurship, with more resources being directed to support the burgeoning sector, including significant educational and financial support infrastructure.

Today, Small Business Month spotlights small businesses’ ongoing and essential contributions and raises awareness about their importance to the national economy.

We celebrate their resilience and innovation and foster community support to sustain their growth. Events and promotions during May each year highlight the diversity, creativity, and impact of small businesses across the country.

How to Celebrate Small Business Month

Paint the Town Local

When Small Business Month rolls around, why not kick things off with a splash of community color? Grab a gift card or two from your favorite local haunts – be it the corner cafe or the quirky little bookstore down the street.

Not only does this give you something great to look forward to, but it’s a lifeline for small shops!

Social Savvy Support

Hop onto your social media platforms and shout from the virtual rooftops about the local gems you treasure.

A simple like, share, or glowing review can work wonders for their visibility. Think of it as your good deed for the day, boosting morale and sales with just a few clicks.

Get Creative with Collaboration

Small businesses thrive on community, so consider sparking a partnership if you’re a business owner yourself.

Joint events or co-promotions not only broaden your audience but strengthen ties within the business community, creating a network of mutual support and innovation.

Dive Into the Local Scene

There’s nothing quite like the vibrant buzz of local fairs, markets, and festivals. They’re perfect for soaking up the community spirit and finding unique goods.

Plus, it’s a chance to rub elbows with the locals and get the inside scoop on the best eats and treats around.

Cultivate Connections

Lastly, why not make Small Business Month the time to strengthen your business network? Attend workshops, networking events, or local meet-ups to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and share ideas, challenges, and successes.

Sometimes, the right conversation can open the door to fantastic new opportunities.

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