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There’s something beautiful and compelling about snow and its ability to create a blank canvas of the world. Some people see this as a beauty all its own, while others see that clear space as an opportunity to create something new and ephemeral.

Every year Snow Sculpting Week comes along for those who feel the drive to create beautiful and complex works of art out of the temporary medium that is snow. Spring is coming, but that doesn’t mean the majesty of winter has to pass quite yet, Snow Sculpting Week will have its time first!

History of Snow Sculpting Week

The US National Snow Sculpting Competition was established over 20 years ago in Lake Geneva, WI. With it came the creation of Snow Sculpting Week, a tradition that is still observed there every year, and is spreading throughout the world to other areas that are still locked in winter’s grip at this time of year.

Every year thousands of artists come together to let their imaginations create incredible and temporary works of art out of blocks of snow that are 9 feet tall and 8 feet around.

The art that is produced by these creators runs the gamut from simple geometric shapes to intricate sculptures that walk the line between hyper-realism and purely surreal.

Snow Sculpting Week is an entire week of celebration centered around these artistic creations, and typically comes with an assortment of fairs, activities, and of course, an entire range of snow and winter themed foods.

How To Celebrate Snow Sculpting Week

The best way to celebrate Snow Sculpting Week is to make your way to a local competition that’s being held to honor it, but your adventures don’t have to stop there.

After you’ve wandered the event and taken in some of the local flavors, it may be time for you to give it a go yourself! Gather up a team of fellow artists and some tools and see what it takes to get involved on your own.

Who knows what kind of incredible creation will come out of the joint hands of you and the other artists on your team. It can be an incredible experience for everyone involved, and who knows?

By the time it’s all over you may be this year’s Snow Sculpting Champion. Of course, if you can’t make it to one of the big events, you can always host one locally or even in your own back yard.

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