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It wasn’t that long ago that socks were simply a utilitarian accessory that had no other purpose than keeping those feet warm. But in this modern day, socks have become a fashionable way for people to express themselves. And the more outrageous the better.

National Cheesy Socks Day offers the opportunity to call attention to the ridiculous and silly hosiery that is on those little tootsies!

History of National Cheesy Socks Day

Although socks with fun colors and patterns have been around for kids for many years, the fun for adults didn’t start until much more recently. Sure, perhaps stripes and argyle were around for awhile, but they were still subtle and understated.

In the early 2000s, companies started manufacturing socks in bright colors and clever designs in sizes that would fit adults. For instance, Happy Socks, the Swedish sock company, was founded by a graphic designer in 2008 and their business boomed almost immediately.

Mismatched socks is another trend that has grown in popularity recently. It used to be that mismatched socks were simply an accident, but now they happen on purpose. Sock companies are even designing them intentionally with themes that go together, but the two socks in the pair are not exactly the same. It’s a fun way to wear mismatched, cheesy socks but still have them coordinated.

National Cheesy Socks Day is here to offer a perfect opportunity to celebrate and take life a little less seriously!

How to Celebrate National Cheesy Socks Day

Have some fun enjoying National Cheesy Socks Day and get started with some of these ideas:

Wear Those Cheesy Socks Proudly

Obviously, the first thing to do on National Cheesy Socks Day is to pick out the cheesiest pair of socks that you can find in the dresser drawer and put them on. In fact, what might be even more fun is picking out two different socks that don’t even match! Stripes with polka dots. Airplanes with pigs. Whatever happens, the cheesier the socks are, the better the celebration.

Gift Some Cheesy Socks

For a friend or family member who really loves cheesy socks, perhaps celebrating National Cheesy Socks Day would be the right time to give the gift of delightful socks! Choose some socks with cartoon characters or some favorite sayings. One of the most appropriate things to do might be to get a pair of socks decorated with wedges of cheese and wear them in honor of the day!

Donate Socks to the Homeless

While people are thinking about warm, toasty feet on National Cheesy Socks Day, some other people are struggling to get by. One of the most common needs that people who are without a home experience is the need for socks to keep their feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Several sock companies are set up with a plan so that when a customer buys one pair of socks, the company donates another pair of socks to a shelter that houses homeless people or who serves those who are at risk.

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