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Many northern US cities have at least one harsh snowfall throughout the winter, if not several. During a particularly heavy snowfall or blizzard, roads can sometimes get covered with three feet of snow, which leaves the snowplows to do their work. Get on board and embrace the silliness that often accompanies snow by celebrating Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day! 

History of Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day

This completely tongue-in-cheek day probably got its start in 2010 when it was the brainchild of Thomas and Ruth Roy, the folks from Wellcat industries who are behind many different days.

When the snow piles so high that, particularly in rural areas, the mailboxes on the side of the road are covered and the snowplows might just hit one or two… or more of them. Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day pokes fun at the idea that plowing the roads and knocking down mailboxes to play a form of hockey should be an organized event!

While the technical celebration of this Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day is on January 23, it’s possible that the day might need to be adjusted based on the weather, and since it’s really just a time to have loads of fun, people who want to celebrate the day can be super flexible and enjoy it whether there is a giant snowfall.

How to Celebrate Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day

Have loads of fun and find ways to participate in Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day, including some of these:

Play Snowplow Mailbox Hockey

The people who drive snowplows work hard to clear the roads so that everyone else can get to work, school and the grocery store when the weather is bad. But these snowplow drivers should be allowed to have a little bit of fun too!

Consider these rules that have been set forth in honor of Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day:

  • Teams can be divided up between snowplow drivers
  • 5 points given for every mailbox knocked down
  • 20 additional points if the mailbox is thrown across the street
  • The winner should receive a special gift

Thank a Snowplow Driver

The people who plow the snow often get up early in the morning, or even work all night long to make sure others can get to work. It’s a challenging job that is often anonymous and deserves some recognition. So send a thank you card, bake them a batch of cookies or consider some other way that it would be kind to celebrate and show appreciation on Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day!

Learn Fun Facts About Snowplows 

Get into the spirit of Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day by learning a few facts and sharing with friends to raise excitement about this day. Check out some of these interesting bits of trivia to get started:

  • Before snow plows, people would create paths and ski to get where they were going in the winter weather

  • The first snowplow was produced in 1862 and it was deployed in snowy Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Since 1870, more than 100 different designs of snowplows have been patented

  • Each year on average, there are approximately 105 snow-producing storms that hit the United States, typically lasting 2-5 days

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