Squirrels are one of the most common animals that people see. They’re practically everywhere, in cities, parks, college campuses, and forests. They’re nuts for nuts and can last through the harshest of winters without much trouble at all.

They adapt to their environment quickly, have a decent memory for some of the best locations for food, and they’re super soft and fluffy. Squirrel Appreciation Day encourages people to learn whatever they may about these creatures and admire them for their resilience in the wild. 

History of Squirrel Appreciation Day

With over 250 species of squirrels to exist across the five continents, squirrels help bury nuts into the ground, a behavior called caching, that allows them to assist with fruit and tree renewal, because while some will be able to remember where they buried the nuts, others will not.

Squirrels, however, don’t just eat nuts and seeds; they also eat mushroom spores. By eating the spores and then excreting them after they’re digested, the fungi help matter decompose and gives plants the nutrition they need to grow.

Thus, squirrels help maintain the symbiotic relationship between plants and mushrooms and help spread the growth of plants all over the world. Squirrels, whether they’re ground, tree, or flying squirrels, all have their unique purpose in the global ecosystem.

Squirrel Appreciation Day was founded by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove, who is affiliated with the North Carolina Nature Center. According to her, people should help celebrate these squirrels by putting out extra food and learning about the species.

Squrriels are beautiful creatures, and depending on the type of squirrel you look up, you can find out amazing facts about them, including how artic squirrels can lower its temperature below freezing to help survive the longest hibernation, which is over 8 months. Many rock funky hairstyles, survive rattlesnake bites and are extremely adorable, so appreciate the squirrels today by giving them some nuts to eat!

How to Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day

Learn more about the kinds of squirrels in your area! Common squirrels in the United States, such as the American red squirrel, Eastern grey squirrel, and black squirrels all have their own habits and tricks that they do to survive.

Learn about all kinds of squirrels, especially the flying Japanese squirrels which are absolutely adorable. Share this holiday with your friends and express your love for squirrels! Host a squirrel-themed party and give your friends squirrel-themed gifts! 

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