Play-Doh Day is an opportunity for everyone, whether a child or simply young at heart, to celebrate this iconic modelling clay. Play-Doh was originally developed in the 1930’s, not as a toy but as a product for cleaning wallpaper! It was not until the 1950’s that it was marketed as a toy, in the trademark vibrant colours of red, blue, yellow and white.

Two billion tubs of the enchanting putty have now been sold. If all that Play-Doh were rolled into a giant ball, it would weigh as much as 2000 Statues of Liberty! The range of colours now includes Paradise Purple, silver and gold. Some people like to keep the colours separate, but if you are being creative, your Play Doh may well end up the colour of mud!

Celebrate Play-Doh Day: release your inner child, choose your favourite colours and get creative!

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