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Inspiring people all over the world to get more interested in the animals that occupy their lands, Steve Irwin was known as The Crocodile Hunter. This Australian animal lover and conservationist who established Wildlife Warriors to care for and support animals who might be at risk or in danger in Australia as well as all over the world.

History of Steve Irwin Day

Established by Australia Zoo in 2007, the year following Steve’s death, Steve Irwin Day is meant to honor and celebrate this man’s legacy. Since the Irwin family was instrumental in founding the zoo, he is close to their hearts. In 1970, when Steve was only eight years old, his family moved to Queensland where they opened a reptile park that would eventually become Australia Zoo.

Today, the Wildlife Warriors program that was started by Steve and his wife Terri in 2002 continues to support and keep alive the dream of taking care of as many animals as possible.

Steven Irwin Day falls on November 15 which is not his own birthday, but it is the day that celebrates the birth of one of Irwin’s favorite animals – Harriet, the Galapagos land tortoise who lived to be a whopping 175 years old.

How to Celebrate Steve Irwin Day

Celebrating this day in honor of Steve Irwin comes with all sorts of possibilities. Take this opportunity to consider wildlife, show support, and raise awareness for the needs of animals and wild places with some of these ideas:

Watch The Crocodile Hunter Shows

Steve Irwin’s show, The Crocodile Hunter, ran for almost eleven years, from 1997-2004, making 64 episodes of the television series. This wildlife documentary series featuring Steve and Terri ran on Animal Planet and was the network’s highest rated series at that time.

In addition to the episodes from the original series, other television spin-offs include Croc Files and The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. Not only that, but one feature film was also made in 2002, called The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

Plus, Steve and Terri’s daughter, Bindi, has also been in her own show in 2009, called Bindi, the Jungle Girl. She also won Dancing with the Stars in 2015.

Make a Donation to Wildlife Warriors

In honor of Steve Irwin Day, consider making a donation to the Wildlife Warriors program that is sponsored by Australia Zoo. Fighting for the important cause of protecting wildlife and wild places, each donation to the cause helps to save lives. The invitation to join the global force of Wildlife Warriors helps with conservation projects and building a new ward to host vulnerable wildlife who need care.

Head Over to the Zoo

Get even more connected with wildlife by taking a trip to the local zoo in celebration of Steve Irwin Day! While enjoying animals of all shapes and species is fun, be sure not to miss the reptile house that features animals like snakes, crocodiles, bullfrogs, turtles and so many other interesting and unique animals.

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