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Whether a person has a sweet tooth or prefers a carbohydrate-filled treat, the sticky bun is the ideal gastronomic delight to fill the void! Fortunately, for those who enjoy a good sticky bun, an entire day is dedicated to celebrating and eating them. And who is going to complain about that? 

I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I would be happy with buns of cinnamon.

Ellen DeGeneres

Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy National Sticky Bun Day!

History of National Sticky Bun Day

The exact origins of the sticky bun are debatable, as is the history of National Sticky Bun Day. While some attribute the sticky bun to the Ancient Egyptians, others argue that it may have originated in Germany. Some historians say that they may have been around in the Western World since the Middle Ages, when cinnamon became a more prominent spice in these regions.

However, one thing that is agreed on is that German settlers brought the sticky bun to Pennsylvania in the United States. Specifically, they seem to have been brought and popularized through the Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch), many of whom were fleeing religious persecution during the 1700s. These pastries were originally called ‘schnecken’ and are now considered to be a specialty of Philadelphia. 

When it comes to sticky buns, some clarifications may need to be made since many questions seem to come along with them. One of the main questions is this: what is the difference between sticky buns and cinnamon rolls?

While the answers may be as varied as the people who are asked, many people believe that the difference is nuts. Literally, the addition of nuts is what turns a plain old “cinnamon roll” into a “sticky bun”. These nuts are typically pecans but could be of another variety as well. 

In addition, sticky buns are (yes, you guessed it), stickier. This is because, before they are baked, a caramel glaze is prepared that is poured into the baking dish with nuts prior to adding the dough rolls. Then, when the baking is finished, the rolls are flipped upside down, leaving the sticky, gooey, nutty goodness all on the top of the buns.

Since they don’t have the sticky glaze, cinnamon rolls don’t need to be turned upside down. Instead, they usually have a powdered sugar glaze that is drizzled on the top to give a sweet finish.

How to Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day

Paying homage to this particular day is really no problem at all! Try out these fun and delicious ideas:

Enjoy Some Sticky Buns

Of course there is one most important thing that can be done to celebrate National Sticky Bun Day in all its glory and that is to make or eat as many of these delicious snacks as possible! Head on over to a local bakery (or that cinnamon roll place in the mall) to get a sticky bun that is premade and delicious.

Share Sticky Buns

A delightful way to enjoy sticky buns is to be sure to share them with the people you love. Whether delivering a sticky bun to a neighbor or bringing some home to the family, these treats seem to be even tastier when eaten with a friend!

Honestly, if someone is willing to grab a whole dozen of them and take them into the office, they may just get on the boss’s good side and be appointed employee of the month!

Learn to Make Sticky Buns at Home

This is a great day to develop those culinary skills and learn how to make sticky buns in your very own kitchen. Of course, for those who have an avidly baking grandma or mom around, she might be a great resource. Otherwise, the internet provides ample opportunity to find and make classic recipes, or some recipes that might be a bit of a departure from the traditional.

Generally, the fact that they are a yeast bread means that sticky buns may be a bit time-consuming to make because they’ll need a little bit of time to rise. In fact, they need to rise twice–once in the bowl and again after they have been rolled and cut into the buns. 

On the other hand, some quicker recipes might incorporate a “cheat” that helps to make the recipe go faster (such as using refrigerated pizza dough or crescent roll dough). These can often be done in just about 30 minutes. But in any case, piling on the caramel sauce and pecans will make it a delicious treat no matter how long it takes!

Learn Fun Facts about Sticky Buns

This day is certainly a day worth celebrating, so sharing these fun bits of knowledge will make it even better when gathering with friends and family:

  • Monkey Bread is a variation of sticky buns. Instead of rolling the buns into swirls and slicing them, the dough is made into small balls that are piled high and then baked into their caramel sauce and nuts.
  • Another cousin to the sticky bun is the Chelsea Bun, which is a London speciality that features the use of currants or raisins.
  • Pecans are typically the nut of choice for sticky buns, but toasted almonds or walnuts would certainly be just as delicious!
  • These delicious treats can either be eaten as breakfast or as dessert. And on National Sticky Bun Day, it’s probably best to do both!

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