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Join in on the celebration of Suffolk Day, celebrated on the longest day of the year, and have loads of fun with so many events including cooking competitions, guided tours, school projects, charity events and so much more!

History of Suffolk Day

The celebration of Suffolk Day got its start in 2016 when the event was established as a way to celebrate the rich culture and history that is deeply embedded in the county of Suffolk. This area in the eastern part of England exists as a non-metropolitan, ceremonial county with major towns including Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and others.

The idea for Suffolk Day was the brainchild of Mark Murphy, who was the host of the Breakfast Show at BBC Radio Suffolk. Recognizing that Yorkshire Day had been celebrated since 1975, Murphy believed it was important to give some attention to the customs, icons, attractions, history and landscape of this inspiring county.

Since its inception, Suffolk Day has been a hit with the locals, with the support of a range of organizations and businesses including BBC Radio Suffolk, the University of Suffolk, Suffolk County Council, as well as others.

How to Celebrate Suffolk Day

Find loads of reasons to celebrate Suffolk Day in the county, including getting started with some of these:

Attend Suffolk Day Events

The best part about Suffolk Day is the gathering of the community to celebrate the old and the new that happens in this county. Each year, the program of events and activities changes to include a wide array of people. Artists, entertainers, historians, speakers and so many other creative folks can join together to build an exciting and memorable event.

From online video competitions in advance of the day to voting for various icons of the area, the options for getting involved are many! Visit towns across the county, including Framlingham, Clare, Felixstowe and many others.

Learn Fun Facts About Suffolk

A delightful idea for celebrating Suffolk Day might be to learn a bit more about the county, its background, traditions and more, then share them with friends and family members to raise awareness for the day!

Get started with some of these interesting facts about Suffolk:

  • Suffolk was named based on its Old English phrase from the term “southern folks”.

  • Although Suffolk and Norfolk were named as separate counties under William the Conqueror in 1086, the two were placed under one sheriff for almost 500 years!

  • This county is the host of the well-known Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts.

  • Suffolk is rather famous for being the center of British horse racing.

Consider Suffolk Icons

Each year, Suffolk Day features many icons which are determined by popular vote in the county. In 2022, punch horses (the oldest English breed of working horse) beat out Ed Sheeran as the biggest icon in the county. Other Suffolk icons have included:

  • Orwell Bridge, located just south of Ipswich and opened in 1982
  • The Hay Wain, an 1821 painting by John Constable
  • Abbey Gardens, located in Bury St Edmunds
  • Sir Bobby Robson, footballer and manager

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