I think suicide is sort of like cancer was 50 years ago. People don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to know about it. People are frightened of it, and they don’t understand, when actually these issues are treatable.

Judy Collins

Suicide is a tragic end to a life, a permanent solution to a temporary problem, yet it is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the US and across the world. Each year in the US alone 44,000 people commit suicide, and 31,000 of those suicides are Caucasian males. Suicide Prevention Awarness Monthraises awareness of this tragic situation and encourages education on how to prevent it.

History of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide has been a problem for the entirety of human history, but only in the most recent years has it started to become something of an epidemic. It has gotten so bad that it rates as the third leading cause of death among those vulnerable. It’s particularly problematic that people who are having suicidal ideation feel as though they are not able to speak to others due to the stigmas surrounding this topic, which leaves those around those who commit suicide in the dark, afraid, and confused about what ultimately happened.

Organizations like the National Alliance of Mental Illness work every year to help raise awareness of this tragic event. By raising awareness and educating people about the signs that can indicate someone is having suicidal thoughts or are a danger for suicide, these organizations help to prevent suicide from happening. It’s not something any one person can do, we all have to pay attention those around us and watch for the signs so that they can get the help they need before it’s too late. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is your chance to stop and assess yourself and those around you, and make sure someone who desperately needs your help isn’t missing out.

How to Observe Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is best observed by educating yourself in the ways you can identify those who are at risk for suicide. If you have been having suicidal thoughts be sure to contact a suicide hotline, speak to a friend or family member, or seek professional therapy. You’re worth the effort, and you’re a worthwhile person, don’t let Suicide Prevention Awareness Month pass without getting the help you need. For everyone else, remember to keep your eyes open, the life you save can be one very close to you

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