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Independent local pubs have been a vital part of British culture for centuries! And although they are cherished by communities, sadly they are disappearing across the country at a rapid rate. Support an Independent Pub Day is here to help these important places to stay alive.

History of Support an Independent Pub Day

In the wake of Dry January, people are urged to head over to an independent pub of choice on February 10 with the purpose of showing some support to these businesses. This day was launched through the collaborative efforts of CityStack along with the London Pub Explorer, a.k.a. Alistair Von Lion. 

The decision to launch Support an Independent Pub Day was made after learning about the challenges that many pub owners in London and other cities have faced in recent years. From shortages in staffing to rising operating costs and inflation pressures, many owners of independent pubs are struggling with the size of their responsibilities and allowing the business to meet the needs of the community.

While there are still approximately 50,000 pubs located throughout the United Kingdom, the number of independently owned and operated pubs has been decreasing rapidly under the current economic pressures. Some statistics show that independent businesses have seen a decline of more than 30% in recent years.

CityStack was started in 2021 and continues to help independent pubs by offering access to a premium selection of London pubs at a discount. Support an Independent Pub Day is a great way to back and encourage the amazing people behind these important cultural institutions!

How to Celebrate Support an Independent Pub Day

Embrace the culture and soak up the atmosphere of the special place the pub holds in British history by celebrating Support an Independent Pub Day. Check out some of these ideas for making the day extra fun:

Visit an Independent Pub

Of course, the best way to be able to show some love and care on Support an Independent Pub Day is to head on over to an independent pub, sidle up to the bar and order a drink! Patrons, old and new, can grab some friends to bring along and perhaps even consider getting some food to enjoy for the evening. Join in on a special pub quiz night or some other event that makes an evening at the pub even more enjoyable.

Learn Some Interesting Facts About British Pubs 

Get involved with Support an Independent Pub Day by learning and sharing interesting facts and bits of trivia that can raise awareness for the day, whether through word of mouth or on various social media platforms. Check out some of these fun facts to get started with:

  • British pubs have a history that is more than 2000 years old!

  • 74% of British people see pubs as key to a strong community

  • The largest pub in the UK is Moon Under the Water in Manchester and seats around 1700 people

  • The highest pub in the UK is called The Tan Inn and it is located 1700 meters above sea level in the Yorkshire Dales

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