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”There is little so humble as a slice of toast with butter on it, and little so satisfying. The Germans have turned this concept into an art form, a cultural institution, with the German Butterbrot.”

Toast with butter has got to be the simplest meal anyone can imagine, and while it can be completely satisfying, it isn’t necessarily something would think of as an institution of culinary proportions. Not so in Germany! The German Butterbrot describes a slice of buttered bread topped with a single ingredient and often is a major component in boxed lunches, breakfasts, and even dinner in Germany. Germany Butterbrot Day celebrates the invention of this delicious food and the myriad of ways in which it can be enjoyed.

History of German Butterbrot Day
Butterbrot has stood as a German institution for time out of mind and is an absolute staple of German cuisine. It is regularly eaten throughout the day, whether for breakfast, second breakfast (Yes that’s a thing in Germany) and even dinner. For many years it superseded other options for breakfast foods, though recently it has been suffering some under the increasing popularity of breakfast cereals. It has evolved over the years changing attitudes towards health have created new forms of butterbrot, especially the vegetarian and vegan movements.

Thankfully, it easily made the transition to the organic food market, as there’s little more wholesome than a thick slice of organic bread topped with rich farm-fresh sweet cream butter. The butterbrot has been eaten with a variety of toppings, from pickles to entire slices of schnitzel placed on top. There really is no limit as to what you can top your butterbrot with, and you know that it’s far past time a little buttered bread made it back into your life. German Butterbrot Day encourages you to re-embrace this delicious bit of German culinary magic and start coming up with your own creations for it.

How to Celebrate German Butterbrot Day
Celebrating German Butterbrot Day couldn’t be simpler! It all starts with a slice of your favorite bread topped with a rich layer of butter. Then you simply add one more ingredient to the mix and its German Butterbrot! That can be hazelnut spread or jam for breakfast, or a bit of sliced bratwurst for dinner, or anything else your heart desires that fits on a piece of bread! For a day of real delicious fun, you could create a whole ‘butterbrot bar’ and bring it into work with different types of bread and toppings for people to try.

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