We all have a little bit of a geek in us all and Embrace Your Geekness Day is the perfect time to let it shine! Pokemon fans to Final Fantasy nerds, LARP’ers to Medieval Reenactors, rise up and be proud! The Geek and fan community is truly one of the most amazing and creative groups out there, and every year more geeks are crying their fandoms loud and proud. With so many fandoms out there and more being created every day you can easily find yourself in more than one geek family. Personally, I wouldn’t call myself a massive geek but I have been known to show my colors every now and then. Here are a few of the fandoms that I belong too.

I love gaming and have been a gamer for most of my life but there is nothing like a good Minecraft session for me. I will quite happily while away my afternoons play either a meaty mod-pack or just a simple vanilla play! With so many possibilities in the game you really can not get bored of this game and with a huge mod community and YouTube community, you can’t really get stuck playing it. There is nothing like building a village in good old vanilla Minecraft.

Ahh Doctor Who! One of my favorite tv shows! I use to watch it with my Dad back in the day and then when the series got rebooted with Christopher Eccleston I fell back in love with it. Yes it has had it good and bad points and there is always an episode in the series you just don’t talk about, but some stay with you no matter what (still makes me cry)! But with Moffat at the wheel of this amazing franchise, you can’t help but feel invested in the Doctor and his companions. Whether it is Bad Wolf, The Ponds or his wife, oh and his other wife.

Though I do love the British version of Holmes it’s the American version that really shines in my opinion. Having Watson as a woman was bold and Lucy Liu absolutely dominates the role. Jonny Lee Miller in the role of Holmes truly feels awkward and amazing at the same time and you feel how is addictive past has influenced him and made him the detective that he is now. Oh and having Adler and Moriarty in the same person, Natalie knocked it our of the park! Though again it has its slow points, and the British one has an amazing style to it, this reincarnation of the great detective has a much rawer feel to it. Though my favorite will still be Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

This is the last fandom that I will mention today. If you have never watched it, why are you reading this go watch it now! Red Dwarf is one of the quintessentially British TV shows. Frist aired in 1988 Red Dwarf was founded on the standard sitcom focus of a disparate and frequently dysfunctional group of individuals living together in a restricted setting. With the main characters routinely displaying their cowardice, incompetence, and laziness, while exchanging insulting and sarcastic dialogue, the series provided a humorous antidote to the fearless and morally upright space explorers typically found in science-fiction series. If you haven’t watched it do and fall in love with the space bum and the android with a complex, the self-indulgent cat and then man that everyone wants to punch.

That is all from me! I woule love to hear how you are going to embrace your geekness today and I hope that you can get a few more people into your fandom!

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