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Every once in a while it might be necessary to grab a lunch on the go while working but as a habit it simply isn’t very healthy. National Take Back the Lunch Break Day is here to remind folks that a legitimate lunch break in the middle of the work day is an important part of a balanced lifestyle.

History of National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

National Take Back the Lunch Break Day was created by Tork, a leading professional hygiene brand, in 2018 in response to the decline of the employee lunch break in today’s 24/7 work culture.

According to research conducted by Tork, employees who take a lunch break score higher on a wide range of engagement metrics, including job satisfaction and productivity. Tork’s study also revealed that nearly 90 percent of employees consider the ability to take a lunch break critical when accepting a new job.

However, once they are on the job, the average lunch break is less than 30 minutes for more than half of North American workers – barely enough time to purchase a meal, let alone enjoy it. That’s why Tork created National Take Back the Lunch Break Day, to help improve workplace morale, satisfaction and productivity across North America.

The Tork Take Back the Lunch Break idea is simple: with more workers taking their lunch break, it is possible to improve workplaces and worker happiness!

On the third Friday in June, North American workers –and perhaps workers from other places in the world – are encouraged to take back their lunch breaks. Why? Because there has been an increasing trend to take less frequent and shorter lunch breaks, affecting employee morale and well-being.

According to Tork’s research, only one in three employees are engaged at work. Because engagement affects productivity, happiness and job satisfaction, it is time employees and employers across North America stepped up to the plate – the lunch plate that is! Break the cycle of skipping lunch or eating in front of a computer.

Get away from that desk and enjoy some fresh air, a real lunch and some social interaction. Because it’s time to celebrate National Take Back the Lunch Break Day!

How to Celebrate National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

This is a day to redeem something that has been lost to the modern culture of workaholism and busyness. Celebrate and enjoy National Take Back the Lunch Break Day with some ideas and activities that will commemorate it, like these: 

Take a Real Lunch Break

Instead of just rushing around to grab some drive-thru fast food and swallowing it down while working, those who are able to should try to set aside some extra time today to take a real, authentic lunch break. Celebrate National Take Back the Lunch Break Day with intentionality!

Eat a healthy and energizing meal, complete with protein and vegetables, and try to avoid fatty or greasy foods that can tend to make a person tired. For many people, a great way to make the most out of a lunch break is to plan in advance and bring a lunch to work. Packing a meal made at home is a way to cut down on the time spent going to get food, offering more time to eat slowly and thoughtfully.

Improve Company Culture

It’s true that many companies, especially those in the US, only offer a very short lunch break to their employees, which makes for a negative company culture and lifestyle. And there is no legal protection to change this. While some businesses tend to treat employees as robots or machines, it’s important to remember that modern work culture can lead to burnout, which is not good for anyone – including the company.

Those who are in positions of authority in their jobs, including managers, executives and business owners, should consider observing National Take Back the Lunch Break Day by incorporating their own research about company culture in their sphere of influence. Ask questions about how it might be possible to shift the culture of the business to provide better lunch breaks, creating happier and healthier employees – which leads to a happier and healthier world!

Take Time for Personal Health

Those who can wrangle an hour out of a lunch break can make it not only a time to eat but also for mental, emotional and physical health on National Take Back the Lunch Break Day! Enjoying a brisk walk before or after eating is also a very good idea that promotes healthy digestion and keeps the body in tip-top shape. Others might be interested in taking 10-15 minutes of their lunch break to practice silence, solitude and meditation to help get their minds back into a healthy framework.

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