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Often called the most important meal of the day, breakfast gets its name from the idea of breaking the natural fast (or time of not eating) that happens overnight. Different cultures may have different ideas about what the best foods are to consume at this time, but one thing everyone probably agrees on? Breakfast is delicious! 

Have some fun and enjoy some culinary experiences too by getting involved with and celebrating The Big Breakfast Day!

History of The Big Breakfast Day

The Big Breakfast Day acts as a reminder to slow down just a bit and make time to savor everything in life. After all, there’s just no need to be in such a rush!

Established in 2020, The Big Breakfast Day offers an opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy more than just a quick cup of coffee on the run. The purpose of the day, which was founded by a man named Jeffrey Arnold is also to build community and encourage a healthy start to the day.

Show some love for family members and friends, by spending some time with them over a hot and delicious breakfast. Wake up early, get that bacon cooking, coffee brewing and oranges freshly squeezed for juice. Then, surprise the family with a delicious hot breakfast, complete with fun additions like an oatmeal breakfast casserole or some tall stacks of hot cakes with yummy maple syrup, all in honor of The Big Breakfast Day

Some families will love The Big Breakfast Day so much that they might start having it as a family tradition more often, perhaps monthly or even weekly.

How to Celebrate The Big Breakfast Day

Make it a priority to slow down and enjoy the most important meal of the day by celebrating and being intentional about The Big Breakfast Day. Check out some of these ideas for the day to get started:

Have a Big Breakfast

Make plans ahead of time by filling the refrigerator and setting an earlier alarm clock because it’s time to celebrate The Big Breakfast Day! And, of course, that means enjoying whatever kind of breakfast the family members most enjoy. Pancakes or waffles, eggs or muffins, anything goes as long as it’s bigger than normal. Some folks might even want to go in on a full English breakfast. But no matter what, make sure everyone gets to enjoy breakfast together to start the day.

Watch The Big Breakfast Show

One fun thing about this day is that it shares its name with a television show that ran in the UK for more than ten years. Broadcast as a light comedic show with entertainment and news bits, this two hour program was a fun way that many people remember getting their day started in the 1990s. Plus, a couple of revivals of the show have added to the charm and nostalgia. In honor of The Big Breakfast Day, perhaps it would be fun to search up some old episodes of the show online to see what kind of fun can be had.

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