Marking the anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon Red and Green. The Pokémon Company has a bunch of treats lined up for fans every year! From Snapchat filters to figurine. In 2018, the Pokemon Company announced several new products and features for its annual holiday, including the U.S. release of the “Pikachu Talk” app for Amazon’s Alexa devices and Google Home devices.

Also teaming up with Snapchat to release three new Snapchat lenses featuring the classic Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Bulbasaur will be released first, followed by Charizard and Squirtle. Each lens features a Pokemon sitting in the bottom corner of the post, along with a halo-like effect around a Snapchatter’s head.

Which generation did you first become a fan? And which starter Pokémon got you going on your adventure?


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Lovely!!!!my first starter was tepig
Still my favourite 😀
But my fav gen is 2. The simplicity of it is *just* right!!!!


My first starter was charmander on the 1st gen, still have the save… still like to play this game. But my fav gen is the 2nd one


My first starter was Chikorita on Crystal. Sadly, the battery died and I lost my save. However, between the re-release of Gold, Silver, and Crystal and Heart Gold and Soul Silver, I can have all the Chikoritas I want! Totodile is my favorite Gen 2 starter. Emerald and Platinum are my favorite games.


Well I love this days because it is my birthday

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