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Second Wednesday of May
8th May, 2019
9th May, 2018
10th May, 2017

Learn about Third Shift Workers’ Day

Most people work during the day, which is lucky for them. Third Shift Workers’ Day celebrates those who lead more nocturnal lives.

Do you ever spare a thought for the nurses, fire-fighters, supermarket shelf-fillers, and all the other brave people that work the graveyard shift while you sleep soundly in your soft, warm bed? They’re the people that really keep the world turning, yet they might as well be invisible as far as most of us are concerned. Inhabiting the strange, monochromatic world of dreams, they keep us safe from harm, make sure our packages are delivered on time, and see to it that our morning croissant is freshly baked.

Now come on and drink a toast to the health of third shift workers everywhere. Let’s face it, what with the ravages wreaked on their immune systems from having their body clock messed around so much, they’ll be grateful for it!

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