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One of the fastest growing cancers in recent years, thyroid cancer is a highly treatable cancer when it is detected early. Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is here to shine a light on the need for early detection screenings, education and research to eventually find a cure! 

History of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Founded and sponsored by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, this event has origins that date back to the year 2000. The first iteration started out as Thyroid Cancer Awareness Week and just three years later the event was expanded to include the entire month of September to allow for more opportunities for promotion and education.

The purpose behind Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is to provide information to the public that can help with early detection, promote high standards of care and treatment, as well as calling for support for research that will achieve cures for all forms of thyroid cancer.

As Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month has grown in size and scope over the years, it is now observed in more than 55 countries by different individual people groups and organizations.

This event is different from Thyroid Awareness Month in January, which is about general thyroid health and not specifically related to thyroid cancer.  

How to Observe Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Consider some of these ways to get involved with celebrating and observing Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month:

Learn More About Thyroid Cancer 

Education is a vital part of staying healthy and taking care of the body. In observance of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, it might be helpful to learn some important facts about this disease. Take a look at some facts and perhaps share them with friends on social media to grow the sphere of influence of people who can benefit from knowledge.

Here are some sharable facts offered by the ThyCa organization and the National Cancer Institute:

  • Thyroid cancer can affect people of all ages, from young children to the elderly

  • Incidences of thyroid cancer are increasing worldwide in recent years, faster than any other cancer

  • Caught early, the prognosis of thyroid cancer is good – with a five year relative survival rate of over 98%

  • Thyroid cancer is more prevalent in women than men, but both genders can get it

Get a Thyroid Cancer Screening

September is the perfect time to contact your doctor to find out more about thyroid cancer and whether a screening would be appropriate. This is especially important for those with high risk factors to have a regular opportunity to discuss concerns with a medical professional. Typically, a screening is non-invasive and can be accomplished through a simple palpation of the neck area, or through ultrasound for those deemed necessary by a doctor.

Host a Thyroid Cancer Awareness Event

Medical professionals, organizations, educators and concerned citizens may be interested in hosting an event in honor of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. The ThyCa support organization website offers free materials, resources and tools to help support and guide those who are interested in hosting events. This could include an educational event, an offer for free thyroid cancer screenings by doctors, or a fund-raising activity that raises support for research related to thyroid cancer. 

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