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Dig out your favorite bread and your go-to toast topper of choice – be it jam, chocolate spread or peanut butter – and top your toast!

Did you know that National Toast Day was a thing? Well, it most certainly is – and it is one of the most exciting days there is!

National Toast Day is extremely exciting as it acts as an opportunity to experiment with how you would usually have your toast. You can try out various different ways to enjoy this go-to snack and get creative with how it is presented on your plate.

History of National Toast Day

Tiptree World Bread Awards with Brook Food established National Toast Day in 2014; the humble slice of toast is a national treasure and deserving of a dedicated day of celebration. National Toast Day has become an international phenomenon.

Sadly, National Toast Day isn’t celebrated in the same way as other food-related days, such as Pancake Day, for instance, which gets a huge celebration. In the run-up to Pancake Day, the whole world becomes pancake obsessed; new products are sold, adverts are customized, new toppers are launched. However, National Toast Day is celebrated in a more ‘relaxed’ manner, with most people choosing to celebrate at home with their favorite bread, some delicious toppings, and their toaster!

Some toast lovers choose to celebrate by hosting their own private toast making parties, where guests are invited to select their favorite bread – whether it’s white bread, brown bread, granary bread, or sourdough bread it doesn’t matter – and bring along their toasters, ready to spend the evening making lots and lots of toast.

Many toast lovers also choose to share their National Toast Day creations via social media, tagging World Bread Award and using the hashtag #ToastDay. According to the World Bread Award, the weirder and more unique the toast toppings, the better!

Featuring on BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Good Morning America, the Sun, the Metro and more. It’s been the number one Twitter trend in the UK; with social media engagement from a whole range of institutions including the NHS, Iron Maiden, MasterChef, Paddington Bear, Great British Bake Off, Aston Villa, Paul Young, You Gov, Coronation Street, British Heart Foundation, Hell’s Kitchen USA, BBC Three, Love Food Hate Waste, This Morning and many more.

Enjoy toast as your choice of breakfast (or lunch or dinner) on National Toast Day. Maybe experiment with toppings and share your favorites with the world. Or even host a toast and tea party!

National Toast Day brings the fun to food by calling for toast lovers to turn their toast into art to celebrate their favorite crunchy fare.

Toast art is a sensation; it is huge in Japan and has been explored by a number of artists, such as Nathan Wyburn who has famously toastified many members of society’s upper crust including Jimmy Carr, Simon Cowell, and Boris Johnson.

How could you craft your #toastart? Painting with peanut butter, cutting out characters, maneuvering your baked beans? Whatever you choose, at least you’ll have a tasty treat to enjoy at the end of your arty endeavor!

How to celebrate National Toast Day

There is no wrong way to enjoy a piece of toast – everyone has their own go-to way to enjoy a slice of toast! While some people prefer lighter toasted toast, others prefer a darker colored piece of toast – some even like toast that has begun to blacken at the edges.

The degree of which toast is toasted is a very personal choice and causes a number of arguments within families. While some people prefer a lighter colored piece of toast, others like a darker and crunchier piece. It’s the same with a cup of tea; while some people prefer a less brewed cup, others are adamant that a dark-hued tea is a better tea.

How you like your toast is a very personal preference and one that is down to you – and your toaster of course. (Some toasters are far fiercer than others!)

There’s also the question of how to prepare toast and what toppings to choose…

There’s an argument regarding butter and whether butter should be applied only to ‘naked’ toast, or under toast toppings. Again, this is a very personal choice and one that not everyone will agree on.

While some people choose to top their toast with butter regardless of whether they’re going to consume it ‘naked’ or with a topping on, others believe that butter should only be used when eating toast on its own, or under certain, predetermined toppings, like Marmite, for example, or jam.

There’s also the question of how much topping is too much topping. Again, this is another question that a lot of people cannot agree on. While some toast lovers like to top their toast with a huge portion of jam, Marmite, peanut butter, cream cheese – or whatever their go-to topping is – others prefer to spread a thinner layer of topping onto their toast.

How you enjoy your toast really is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a slice of toast, it’s down to personal choice – and your taste buds of course!

The most popular toppings can be broken down into two categories: sweet and savory toppings.

For savory toppings, popular choices include Marmite, peanut butter (however, this is some concern over whether peanut butter is sweet or savory – it apparently depends on what it is served with, such as Marmite or jam), cream cheese, or butter by itself.

For sweet toppings, go-to options include jam, chocolate spread – with Nutella being the product of choice for many toast lovers – Fluff and Biscoff spread.

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