Learn about Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

For all sandwich lovers of the Joey Tribbiani level, Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day cannot come often enough. Every year on January 14, we pay homage to the wonderful sandwich-pioneers who brought this smoked meat classic, and celebrate in kind. Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day should be celebrated by a gathering of your closest friends and family, and giving thanks to this wonderful culinary invention. A hot pastrami sandwich should be enjoyed in the traditional sense, between two warmed slices of bread, and with plenty of mustard to add that certain je ne sais quoi.

On January 14 sit the family, extended family, and all those dearest to you, and enjoy everything that a hot pastrami sandwich has to offer. Be careful with variations, they have the potential to backfire, and vegetarians be warned that the tempting smell of the brined, dried, seasoned and smoked meat may just be enough to break you from your meatless meals.