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January 5th

Learn about Whipped Cream Day

Nothing completes an ice cream sundae, hot chocolate or a piece of pumpkin pie quite like a luxurious dollop of real whipped cream. What a delight to celebrate all that is great about whipped cream with Whipped Cream Day!

Whipped cream has been around for ages. But it was in 1946, when the aerosol can was first invented by Aaron Lapin, that sales and popularity of this dessert delight really took off. Whipped cream has continued to transform desserts and hot drinks from the merely ordinary to something truly special.

Whether one likes whipped cream squirted straight out those nifty aerosol cans, or prefers the more traditional version of whisking cream by hand, whipped cream is truly one of those little delights in life that deserves a bit of praise and recognition. Whipped Cream Day provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a sweet treat with a generous portion of whipped cream on top. Happy Whipped Cream Day!

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