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Thinking of a plant that actually eats meat feels like something out of a science fiction novel or film – and it’s true that plenty of fiction has been built around the idea. But the idea of plants that survive by eating insects is actually true and perhaps a little more common than many people would think. 

World Carnivorous Plant Day is here to raise awareness about and celebrate these unique and interesting plants that take a bite out of the insect population! 

History of World Carnivorous Plant Day

World Carnivorous Plant Day has been around for a few years and it became associated with the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) in 2020. It was brought about by a supporter from Poland, Krzysztof Banas, who wanted to bring these plants to the attention of the public by shining a spotlight on them for educational and awareness purposes. 

Each year, the folks at the ICPS make a big deal out of World Carnivorous Plant Day by hosting events and seminars where supporters can join together to learn from various expert speakers on the subject. A range of hobbyists, professors, nurseries, authors and other plant lovers can gather in person or online to get access to fascinating content, whether live or recorded.

In addition, the organization makes merchandise available in support of the day, including fun items such as t-shirts, pullover sweatshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and so much more. All of the items include the unique logo created just for World Carnivorous Plant Day.

How to Celebrate World Carnivorous Plant Day

Show some love for this niche collection of friends from the plant world by celebrating World Carnivorous Plant Day. Get started with some of these ideas:

Learn More About Carnivorous Plants 

Many people are aware of carnivorous plants but they don’t really know much about them. In support of World Carnivorous Plant Day, consider learning a bit more about these unique species of plant life and perhaps share some fun facts to raise awareness for the day. Get started with some of these:

  • A majority of carnivorous plants live in swampy areas or wetlands, but they may also be found in deserts where the soil isn’t very nutritious.

  • While the Venus Flytrap may be the most commonly known name, around the world there are more than 700 different species of carnivorous plants.

  • Carnivorous plants use different types of traps to catch their prey, including snap traps, pitfall traps, suction traps, sticky traps and more.

  • The best way to grow these plants is in a greenhouse, but a terrarium might work also.

Watch Little Shop of Horrors

One of the most iconic tales to feature the story about a carnivorous plant is Little Shop of Horrors. The inspiration for the film likely started with a book written in 1932 by John Collier, telling the story of a man-eating plant. Then, it was made into a horror comedy film in 1960, including a young Jack Nicholson. The remake of the film was a musical version that was made in 1986, starring Rick Moranis.

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