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Sun 11th Dec, 2016 will be...


The Second Sunday of December
  • 11th Dec, 2016
  • 13th Dec, 2015
  • 14th Dec, 2014

Other names

Choir Day


1990 by Alberto Grau

A major unifying attribute of the world is music. It brings together people from diverse cultural backgrounds which as a result enhance peace and social cohesion. The World Choral Day, launched in 1990 at Helsinki by Alberto Grau, provides a great platform for music enthusiasts to participate and interact.

There are numerous activities that take place such as seminars, festivals, workshops and concerts. Apart from being televised, the activities are also recorded and uploaded online for the viewing pleasure of those who missed. The day is observed by the international community particularly schools, churches and professional bands.

There are different themes for each year like solidarity (2012) and integration (2013). The highlight of the event is when choirs from Europe, America, Asia and Africa sing simultaneously. Nothing can truly be compared to the delight of singing for a just cause. To participate, simply complete an online entry form.

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