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Enjoy the benefits of this unique and ancient form of dance that includes flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm and self-acceptance. By participating in World Circle Dance Day, people can experience integrating the body, mind, heart and spirit while connecting with others throughout the globe during this annual event.

History of World Circle Dance Day

While Circle Dance is an ancient practice that has been part of many cultures, it was in the 1970s that a movement of Circle Dance was catalyzed through a spiritual and ecological community in Scotland. Used as a way of integrating and centering retreat participants who came from various places, the popularity of Circle Dance grew throughout the UK and then into the rest of the world throughout the 1980s.

Always taking place on a Sunday in July, World Circle Dance Day was started in 2016 to honor this unique experience of active engagement and awareness. This international event is an opportunity for groups to gather together to exercise an ancient form of communication and expression that draws from the rich and diverse dance traditions from cultures all over the world. Including different versions of music and a range of traditional or new steps, Circle Dance focuses on transformation, experience, unity and so much more.

Each year, the participation in World Circle Dance Day continues to grow, with over 250 groups joining in from more than 25 countries. It’s an amazing time for people and communities to gather in awareness and gratitude as they experience joy through collective movement!

How to Celebrate World Circle Dance Day

Get involved with World Circle Dance Day and let that inner dancer free by connecting through some of these ideas:

Join a World Circle Dance Group

Get involved with World Circle Dance Day by connecting with a group in the local area. The website for the day hosts a map and list of the hundreds of different groups that are open in cities, states and countries throughout the globe. Many of the dance circles are held outside, sometimes in parks or public spaces, spreading a wave of love, beauty and harmony. Circle Dance events may include an evening, weekend, special day event or festivals. 

Check out the day’s group on Facebook to get more information as well as to post photos of circle dances as they occur. Those who are interested in hosting a World Circle Dance Day gathering can list their own events on the day’s website. There are also resources there including promotional posters that are available in several languages.

Learn Dances of Connection

Those who are just dipping a toe into the idea of participating in a Circle Dance can learn a bit more online. Do a little internet search to find free resources available for types of dances, including music tracks and learning videos. While dancing with others is eventually a step toward unity, the World Circle Dance Day dances do not require a partner when practiced on their own.

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