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With a view of elevating and spreading knowledge about the opportunity for sustainable and renewable energy sources through cogeneration technology, the community behind World Cogeneration Day invites everyone to get involved! 

History of World Cogeneration Day

World Cogeneration Day acts as a global acknowledgement of the positive benefits of cogeneration, as well as a time to show appreciation for the people who build, operate and maintain the units. World Cogeneration Day is scheduled to be celebrated on the anniversary of the first cogeneration unit on the planet, opened at Pearl Street Station in New York City on September 4, 1882.

This first cogeneration unit was built to service 400 lamps for 82 customers and Thomas Edison used the byproduct of the heat generated to create steam. This steam offered heating for several nearby buildings and manufacturers on the same block in Manhattan.

With a history that dates back more than 140 years, cogeneration showcases the benefits that come from creative applications of technology. World Cogeneration Day is here to celebrate the traditions and memories as well as looking toward applications for the future. Celebrating heroic people and featuring fantastic projects, this day offers an excellent opportunity to increase awareness around topics of sustainability and stewardship of resources. And it’s a great day to say thank you to those who are working hard toward these goals!

How to Celebrate World Cogeneration Day

Making use of renewable and sustainable resources through creative technology is a great reason to celebrate and World Cogeneration Day is the perfect time to do just that! Individuals and groups can get involved with and participate in the day by starting with some of these activities:

Attend a World Cogeneration Day Event

Get on board with celebrating this fascinating day by connecting with others in the field through different events and activities. The event page on the World Cogeneration Day website provides access to a wide range of events put on by partner companies and organizations. This includes the annual COGEN Europe recognition awards as well as many other events happening all around the globe. 

Host a World Cogeneration Day Event

Companies, organizations and universities who work within the cogeneration industry can get involved with World Cogeneration Day by hosting various educational and interest events. These might be local seminars that increase knowledge of the technology used for cogeneration or it could be online webinars inviting colleagues or coworkers to learn more. Organizations that operate cogeneration units might offer tours or other events that allow the public to get an up-close view of what cogeneration looks like and how it functions.

Support World Cogeneration Day

Individuals, businesses and organizations who are interested in supporting the efforts put forth by World Cogeneration Day can do so through financial donations of any size. Companies and businesses who support the project can get their logo placed on the website as a partner. In addition, partners are supplied with tools such as networking opportunities, access to resources, job board postings, newsletters and more.

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