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21st Jun each year

Celebrated on the day of the June solstice, World Humanist Day is a coming together of organisations and individuals which value science and rationalism over divinity and the supernatural.

Created during the 1980s by people affiliated to American Humanist Association, the day is regarded as the only holiday for free thought in the world. In recent years, it has grown rapidly and even received television coverage in some nations.

The way in which it is celebrated differs greatly from country to country, with some groups hosting parties and others favouring conferences and activism.

The main point of World Humanist Day is to try and make the world a better place by increasing the public’s knowledge of scientific methods in hope that it will dispel many age-old myths.

Well known supporters of World Humanist Day include the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, best-selling author Phillip Pullman, the philosopher AC Grayling and the comedian Tim Minchin.

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