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Jackals are related to dogs, foxes, coyotes and wolves, but they are a unique species of their own occurring in Africa, Europe and Asia. Other continents may have a species of animal that they refer to as jackal, but scientific research has shown that these are not as closely related as it was previously believed. For instance, many people think that the dingo in Australia is a jackal but, while it may have jackal ancestors, the dingo is a separate species.

World Jackal Day offers a delightful opportunity to learn a bit more about an obscure animal that might be familiar but is often misunderstood!

History of World Jackal Day

World Jackal Day got its start in 2022 when a group of animal lovers, particularly jackal supporters, got together to form this day. The first event was celebrated in 2023 and is associated with an organization that comes out of Austria, called “Goldschakal”, which means golden jackal. This is the variety of this animal that lives in populations in Europe as well as some parts of Asia.

The date for World Jackal Day was chosen as it relates to the beginning of the birthing period for the golden jackal and, during the first year, a special stamp was released in honor of the day!

Although World Jackal Day specifically features the golden jackal, there are also three other versions, including the common jackal, the black-eyed jackal and the side-striped jackal, all of which make their home throughout different areas of the African continent.

Sometimes called International Jackal Day, this event offers opportunities for the human population of the world to learn more about and grow to appreciate the unique qualities and interesting lives of this animal on World Jackal Day!

How to Celebrate World Jackal Day

Celebrate World Jackal Day and participate by getting involved with come interesting ideas, such as these:

Throw a World Jackal Day Party

Sure, it’s an uncommon reason to have a party, but who cares?! Folks who are interested in the jackal for its unique presence can invite guests to show up at the party dressed in jackal costumes. Decorations and snacks can even be made around the theme of World Jackal Day. It would even be fun to create some games that can be played around the theme of jackals for entertainment.

Learn More About Jackals 

One of the best ways to show honor and respect in celebration of World Jackal Day might be to grow in knowledge and learn some fun facts about this species of animal. Then, to raise awareness for the day, be sure to share this interesting information with friends or coworkers too!

  • Jackals are often mistaken for dogs as many of them look like a cross between a German shepherd and a fox.

  • The jackal is skilled as a predator, with sharp teeth and highly attuned senses, this animal preys on small animals such as birds, reptiles, insects and even small mammals.

  • Jackals are social creatures that live in packs or families, consisting of a pair of breeders as well as their offspring.

  • Jackals are very helpful in maintaining ecological balance, helping by cleaning up dead animals which prevents diseases from spreading.

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